Zoom mobile application

Zoom mobile application

Sometimes the end comes at the forefront of difficult times and changes the whole environment, the current situation when the whole world is confined to homes due to the global epidemic Coronavirus (COVID-19). Similarly, educational institutions in Pakistan as well as in the world have been closed since March.

Just as the country closes and goes back when the economy closes, so do generations go backwards when education closes. When it comes to continuing education in a way that prevents generations from going backwards, Zoom, a mobile application made up of the Z-reading at the end of the English alphabet, took the lead. Took it

The Zoom application is a mobile application that allows people from different places to attend their meetings live, video telephony, online chat services, telecommunication, distance education, and social relations. Is. This application is from an American communication technology company headquartered in San Jose, California, USA.

The application was launched in the United States on April 21, 2011, by Eric Yaun, the founder, and CEO of Eric Yaun. The application generated 22 622 million in revenue by the end of 2019.

After using this application, when we started arguing with friends from different universities, we also came across how far we are lagging behind in the world of software, there are many large engineering educational institutions in the country including modern education. Even though robot education is now available and software has been taught for many years, so far these institutions have not developed any software that will help the people of the country as well as the people of other countries. Take advantage and our country is also counted in the world of software.

In order to participate in the software race, new policies should be formulated in our educational institutions and all facilities should be provided to the students in collaboration with the government so that they become a source of pride for the country and the nation and the modern world. Be able to walk with.

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