Unit 7 The Two Bargains English Notes for Class 9th

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Arabia is a desert country where water is scarce.
Even if it is found it is not always suitable for drinking.
People have to travel long distance to fetch water and sometimes they have to remain without it for a day or even more.
When the Holy Prophet (SAW) migrated to Medina, there was only one well of very sweet water in town.

It was called Baire Roma, and was owned by a Jew who sold its water at high The companions of the Holy prophet (SAW) were generally poor and found it hard to get the water.
They came to the Holy Prophet (SAW) one day and sought his help:

The Holy Prophet (SAW) was sitting in his mosque at that time and many of his companions were there too.
He looked around and said “Is there any one here who would like to purchase paradise for himself in return for Baire-Roma?

Hazrat Usman (RA) stood up and went out quietly.
He went to the Jew and offered to buy the well from him at whatever price the Jew would like to sell it.
The Jew would not agree to sell it at first.

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