Unit 5 The Medina Charter English Notes for Class 9th

English Notes for Class 9th Unit 5 The Medina Charter, comprehension, multiple-choice questions, vocabulary, grammar, and activity.

English Notes for Class 9th COMPREHENSION

Theme: Harmony, Peaceful Coexistence Author: Anonymous

Q 1. Why did the Holy Prophet (SAW) abolish the tribal distinction in Medina?

Ans: The reason for abolishing the tribal distinction in Medina: When the Holy Prophet (SAW) migrated to Medina, this city was inhabited by different tribes and sections of people. He (SAW) first of all abolished the tribal distinction and grouped the inhabitants of Medina under one general name “Ansar” because He (SAW) knew that it was necessary for the creation of peace, harmony and cooperation among the people of diverse communities Jiving together.

Q 2: What did UN adopt unanimously?

Ans: Adaptation by the UN:

The United Nation’s General Assembly unanimously adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. This declaration was approved on 10th December 1948 and was made public. There are thirty points in all. This declaration proclaims the religious, personal, civic, political, economic, social and cultural rights of human beings.

Q 3: How do we know that Islam is the protector of human rights?

Ans: Islam as the protector of Human Rights:

We know that Islam is the greatest protector of human rights due to the incorporation of the clauses of Madina Charter in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations.

Q 4:.Define tolerance and give examples from the text.

Ans. Tolerance:

Tolerance means to tolerate or bear the acts and deeds of the people belonging to diverse communities as well as to the same community. Some examples from the text are mentioned below that show the promotion of tolerance.

  • The Muslims, the Jews and other communities of this republic should be free to profess their own respective religion and perform religious ceremonies.
  • Henceforth,  bloodshed, murder and violence should be Haram(abominable) in Medina.

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