English Class 10th notes kpk board unit 3

unit 3 dreams handwritten class-10 english notes

Unit 3 Class 10 English Notes

A. Anser the follwoing questiona

Q.1 AWhat is the theme of the poem?

Answer: Themes of the poem: the theme of the poem is to keep your hope alive and also do not become hopeless.

Q.2 How important do you think dreams are?

Answer: Improtance of dreams:

Dreams bring motivation in life and the only way of survival dreams is the source of prosperity and progress. dream increased the ability to function in difficult talks.

Q.3 identity an example of a word or phrase that is repeated in the poem and explain the poet makes this repitition.

in the poem is “Hod fast to dreams” and the poet repeated the phrase to highlight the improtance of dreams.

Unit 3 Dreams Handwritten Images

Unit 3 Dreams Handwritten
Unit 3 Dreams
Class 10 English Notes
Unit 3 Dreams Handwritten Class 10 English Notes
Class 10 English Notes
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