Unit 11 SARETY FIRST English 2021 Notes PDF

New Unit 11 SARETY FIRST English 2021 Notes PDF Pre-Reading, Urdu Translate, comprehension, multiple-choice questions, vocabulary, grammar, and activity. 


Look at the picture and predict what the lesson is about.

Babar : Assalamo Alykum my dearest friend! Where were you yesterday? We had a terrific cricket match in the stadium.

Aslm : Walykum salami I could not come for the match because I took a First aid class yesterday.

Babar : Really? What is first aid? What did you learn?

Asim : First aid is the help given to a sick or injured person until full medical treatment is available. First aid is about using your commonsense in ways that will keep that person safe without doing harm.


Babar : You mean if a friend has an accident or someone collapses (perhaps from a heart attack) then the first person there will be the first aider or the person who will help the casualties till help arrives.

Asim : Yes, my dear friend.                                        .

Babar : It’s a great idea for older children and adults to do a first aid course so
that they know what to do to help others. Tell me more, what else did you learn?

Asim : A lot of stuff. We were taught to have a first aid kit at home, school and work places.

Unit 11 SARETY FIRST English 2021 Notes PDF Download

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