The small world is also affected

The small world is also affected

The small world is also affected

May Allah protect us all from the ill effects of the Coronavirus and may those who are being treated for the virus be given the advice of health and pearls of healing as soon as possible. Amen.

The whole world is worried about this contagious disease and its spread. People are being instructed to stay confined in their homes to avoid this problem. Markets, markets and business closures have left homes and homeowners “trapped” in their homes.

There are holidays in educational institutions and these holidays have been extended till May 31. This means that the children are a little far from school, tuition, and academy, so we all know the storm of sports and mischief that is being raised in the homes. The government, society and adults are most concerned about children. They want children to stay away from and protected from the coronavirus outbreak.

The use of gloss masks and sanitisers has been repeatedly instructed to prevent the disease. Adults and children were accustomed to masks and gloves, but the widespread use of hand sanitisers in society is astonishing. The easiest lesson is to wash your hands frequently with soap.

The practise of hand washing should continue for 20 seconds. If the clothes are clean, your face is clean, if you lose a book or touch a dish, then clean your hands. Hygiene is being emphasized again and again. This teaching of Islam has been given 14 centuries ago. In the Holy Hadith, cleanliness has been described as half faith. If we become cleaners at the individual and collective level, then more than half of the health-related problems will disappear automatically.

May Allah give us the courage and strength to keep clean and clean, to keep the environment and home clean. Amen. The second phase of the ongoing lockdown is coming to an end on April 14 to protect ourselves from the effects of the Corona virus. Arrival has also taken place.

A decade has passed. Let’s see what the government decides now. May God find a way to prevent the virus. By the will of the Lord of the Universe, scientists will surely find a cure to avoid the virus.

We have seen that children wear masks with enthusiasm, but for small children, masks and gloves are no less than a toy. Here you put masks on children’s faces, the next moment the children will remove the masks from their faces. Do three-and-a-half-year-olds know what Corona’s name is and how to avoid it? However, five- and six-year-olds are seen hand-washing their older siblings for 20 seconds. ۔

Six-year-old Arfa Maryam has a school holiday. She “orders” Baba Jani to keep her hands clean and use a sanitiser along with herself and her brother. Arfa Maryam says that when she sneezes, please use her hands instead Sneeze near the elbow or on the tissue.

You and others will be safe from sneezing like this. Arfa Maryam was asked where did she learn such good things from. She replied that my uncle has informed her about these golden things about cleanliness. Four and a half-year-old Janat Sheikh Rashid says that Grandmother John told him that the cause of Coronavirus disease is the wrath of God. She also says that when children pray, God accepts the prayers.

May the Lord of the Universe take our country and nation out of the Corona Crisis and bring the nation back to normal life. We salute the doctors, paramedical staff, Pakistan Armed Forces, police and administrative officers of the Frontline Force.

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