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The role of training in human personality

The role of training in human personality

Man has many relationships and positions in the world. If you are a man, then you will definitely be a father, a brother, a husband, an uncle, an aunt, an uncle … Etc. etc.

Similarly, if you are a woman, you can be a mother, you can be a sister, you can be a wife, you can be an aunt, you can be an aunt, etc.

In the same way, you have a position in society and are known by a different name.
Do you know what is the most difficult task and who is responsible for it ???

* Mother *

Yes, when you become a mother, you create a great responsibility.
Undoubtedly, Mamata is a very sincere and emotional relationship.
But … Training …
Yes, emotion and love alone are not enough for training, it is a great responsibility to understand his psychology and make him a capable human being accordingly. For children, first of all, keep the environment as positive as you can. Of course, this is not just a matter of a mother’s bus, but the use of your language, the choice of your words, and the little things you may say. Yes or no, but they learn from your behavior. For example, when a guest arrives, you give an impression, what you are saying about him in front of one person and you form the opposite opinion with another person alone.
It also transmits a lot of things to children.

“Answering every question of children in detail”

It is very important to answer every question of children because all those questions are related to their experiences or a mental process, so if you do not answer them or give wrong answers in jest then their whole experience and all mental The process is affected “

” Awareness of right and wrong “

This is a comprehensive title. And in today’s world where it is very important to build confidence in children and it is very important for mental well-being. In this case, we can not keep them away from technology, but technology can teach a lot of negative things. In such cases, parents should know what is important to explain to them. Such as the relationship between halal and haraam and its punishment, disobedience and its commands and punishment and especially the fact that we are Muslims and what is the scope and not only lecture them but also tell them about scientific evidence and casual relationship. So that you not only believe what you say but also make it a part of your practical life. Remember the knowledge of the first thing that comes to mind. He is the basis of it and becomes involved in its constant behavior, so if he finds any negative things to learn, it will be his second knowledge and he will give it to his life.
No parent wants their children to be affected by the wrong environment but giving primary education is your primary duty and under it the wrong environment will not affect them.

“Better a poor horse than no horse at all.”

Probably! Some people may not agree with this but it is also part of the training. If prayers and fasting have become obligatory on your children and they have reached puberty, then inform them in detail about “adultery”. In Islam, how much society misunderstands it and Allah Almighty creates such conditions that compensation becomes necessary and the most difficult task. Also, do not hesitate to tell us what is the purpose of selfish desires and what is its absolute rule in Islam, because they also have parents who have ruined their lives and the lives of others in ignorance. Therefore, the Internet and all other sites should be the first. Don’t let it become a source of knowledge. Because, if the first source of knowledge is negative, then positive words have no effect on children more than a lecture and advice.

The “way of explaining” is a

step-by-step process we call training.
It is alarming for parents of all ages. What is meant to be understood at a certain age is to be explained at the same time, later or long before that explanation is often lost. If the child lies, it is the parents’ fault because your strategy has failed. You should change it instead of biting them or raising your hand.
For this you can also tell them a story that will help them to recognize their own mistake and make sense.

“Harder, more lenient … just worse” With

more beatings, reprimands and harshness, children not only become fearful but sometimes even start to hate. They also stop sharing everything and then easily get involved in all kinds of evil.
Fulfilling every wish of the children does not teach them to distinguish what the real reality of life is.

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