The 2BKhyber 2BPass 2B 2BClass 2BX 2BChapter 2B20

The Khyber Pass Class X Chapter 20

 The Khyber Pass  Class X Chapter 20

The 2BKhyber 2BPass 2B 2BClass 2BX 2BChapter 2B20

Q.1 what is Khyber Pass? How tall is it where do we go

Answer: Khyber Pass has a very famous passage which is a narrow mountain valley. It is fifty kilometres long. From Khyber Pass, we can go to Afghanistan and on the other side is the famous city of Peshawar.

Q.2 When did the Aryans cross it and how many times did Mahmud Ghaznavi cross it and why?

Answer The Aryans crossed the Khyber Pass about 4,000 years ago to enter Pakistan. Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni crossed the Khyber Pass seven times. He crossed it to invade the subcontinent.

Q.3 what is the economic significance of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa? Or why has it been a popular trade in history?

Answer: The economic significance of Khyber Pass is that it is used as a trade route between different regions. This is the most favourable and best connection of East Asian countries with Central Asian countries for trade purposes. Important items that are transported to different areas through this equipment include mirrors, furs, skins and fruits.

Q.4 what did the camel caravan take? Where has the camel caravan been moved?

Answer: Camel caravans carried mirrors, furs, skins, fruits, spices, silk, carpets, etc. to different parts of the region. Camel caravans have been replaced by trains, trucks and lorries, the most modern and fastest means of transportation.

Q.5 who lives in the mountains of Khyber?

Answer The brave tribal people and the Pathans live in the mountains of Manzoor Khyber, who fought a fierce battle with the British Empire for a hundred years and defended their independence. They are fighting like people in which having fire alarms is a common feature. But after joining Pakistan, he is now the bodyguard of Pakistan’s northwestern border.

Q. 6 Why is Landi Kotal a famous place along the corridor?

Answer: Landi Kotal Pass is a popular place as it is the highest point at a distance of about 30 km from Jamrud check post. It is also a market place where most people enjoy eating tik tuk and chapli kebabs. Landi Kotal is a beautiful place from where the road goes down through beautiful scenery.

Q.7 What is the historical significance of Khyber Pass?

Answer The historical significance of the Khyber Pass cannot be overlooked as many Muslim conquerors such as Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi, Shahabuddin Ghauri, Babar and Ahmad Shah Abdali travelled this route. For the most part of history, this pass was used to conquer South Asia.

Q8. Brief route from Peshawar to Khyber Explain.

Answer: The road to Khyber Pass starts from the central city of Peshawar. About 14 km from Peshawar is the Jamrud check post from where permits are issued and which is surrounded by mountains. The road then leads to Landi Kotal, 30 km from the Jamrud check post, and finally, after a journey of 10 km, is the border post between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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