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The glory of Ghaus-e-Azam

The glory of Ghaus-e-Azam

The people of Baghdad were watching Sheikh Sadqa Baghdadi in amazement who was saying the same thing out loud without being aware of the world and the mafia that there is no one like me. In the world of passion, he had become unaware of himself and the people of the world. 

The passion and the situation had overwhelmed him and he was repeating the same words over and over again. The echo of his words finally reached the time of the caliph. As a punishment for his words, he was sentenced to death under the Shariah limit. But then the people of Baghdad were amazed to see the scene. As soon as the executioner wanted to move his hand to behead Sheikh Sahib, his arm became paralyzed and turned like a stone. 

If he had become a statue, he would have stood motionless like a stone statue. Now the people of Baghdad were terrified of the spiritual glory of Sheikh Sadaqah. The government officials became caliphs and told the whole story. The caliph himself came to Sheikh Sadaqah on time and He bowed down and apologized and immediately ordered your release with honor and respect. Sheikh Sadqa Alam was unaware of the world and the mafia in Jazb. 

He came out of prison and took to the streets of Baghdad. Here Sheikh Sahib saw an astonishing sight that thousands of people were flocking to a madrassa with devotion and respect. Sheikh Sadqa also joined the caravan and started walking towards the madrassa. They were walking and the language was saying that there is no one like me, there is no one like me at this time. In this state of attraction, they entered the madrassa with the caravan. 

As soon as he entered the madrassa, he suddenly felt as if something had come out of him and he came to his senses. Such ecstatic voices were coming and then suddenly a devotional silence fell on the audience. The eyes of the audience were raised in one direction. Sheikh Sadaqah also looked there and saw a thin young queen coming out of the room of the madrassa. Has happened The face of that old man sees Anwar. Thousands of devotees have torn their heels. Everywhere they look, the old man is raining colors and light. 

People were tormented to see him like crazy. This scene was very shocking for Sheikh Sadaqah. Sheikh Sadaqah was drowning in a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčamazement. They were thinking that the coming elder had not spoken yet and had not ordered Qari Sahib to recite. Then why was there so much reaction among the people? It so happened that Sheikh Sadaqah was lost in the thoughts that the old man who was coming looked at Sheikh Sadaqah with a glance and said in a glorious voice, “One of my disciples has come here from Jerusalem in just one step. 

He put it on my hand.” In fact, it is a poor mill You fall down and go home. Come to God. I am one of God’s commands. And listen, I am the one who is told seventy times a day and one night that we have chosen you for ourselves so that you are ours. Grow up in front of your eyes. The glorious voice of the old man standing on the pulpit was echoing. 

It was a sign of his awe and glory. Despite the presence of thousands of people, no one could hear the sound of breathing. Were As if souls have flown from their bodies. The atmosphere in the air had suddenly become numb so as not to become rude. And then the people of Baghdad saw another scene. Sheikh Sadqa, who was repeatedly claiming his greatness, suddenly moved and Sheikh Sadaqah started running towards the pulpit tearing the crowd like a madman. 

Unaware of the presence of the people, Sheikh Sadqa fell down, got up and went to the pulpit and fell unconscious at the feet of the elders. The great preacher was Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani, before whom no other saint could stand in front of his beauty and splendor. The rise and fame given to him by the Lord of the Earth and Sama, Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani, is unmatched by any other elder. There is no such thing as an everlasting fame like the fear of the Day of Judgment. 

The fame and popularity that came to him in the whole congregation of Ahl-e-Haqq could not be found by anyone else. Your existence was tantamount to a new life for Islam which gave new life to the graveyard of ungrateful hearts. The sky is like the rest of the saints on Sufism, so you are the only moon, if the congregation of saints is considered a star. So you are the moon of this beautiful rosary. If spirituality is compared to a lamp, then you are the light of this lamp. 

Nature elevated you to the highest position in the circle of Sufis. A world was captivated by your enchanting rhetoric. The gathering becomes silent so that no one is aware of whispering or coughing, so that it feels as if birds are sitting on the heads of people whose fear of flying has silenced them. Four or five hundred medicines were brought to the assembly to record the thoughts and files. Your words did not come out of the mouth and dissolve in the air, but became arrows and disappeared in the heart. 

The effect of your sermon was so great that many people would tear their necks with intense emotion and lose their lives due to the intensity of their emotions. The winds, the skies, the heavens, the heavens, the earth, everyone is mad at you. The effect of your glorious voice was that people would burst to death. 

Funerals were taken from your assembly many times. You never went to see any ruler. Many times caliphs and ministers would come to your door and kiss your hand but You would shake them. Let there be a crowd of the poor and the needy at your table. 

The Almighty created you for religious and spiritual services, so He sent you with all the virtues. No one has been able to be your second in teaching and preaching till today. 

That is why the people of New Delhi still call you the Emperor of Baghdad, Shah Jilani Mehboob Subhani, Shaykh-ul-Islam and the people of God call you “Ghous-e-Azam” and the people and properties call you “Piran-e-Pir”. Doubtless, the glory of Ghous-e-Azam is the highest and noblest.

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