Syeda Rabia Basri

Syeda Rabia Basri

Syeda Rabia Basri was born in the house of the most pious and pious Zahid Sheikh Ismail of Basra in the year 95 or 99 AH. Sheikh Ismail was a white-clad elder. When the fourth was born, there was no oil to light the lamp. There were three daughters. That is why she was named Rabia. In Arabic, Rabia is called the fourth or fourth. The wife said, “Go! Bring oil from someone.” “Sheikh Ismail, who never raised his hand in front of anyone, was hesitant but the opportunity was delicate, so he knocked on the door of the neighbor’s house.

” Neighbor did not give oil ‘said!Should he ever extend his hand in front of others, will he ever get something that he will get now?You are about to give birth to this happy baby girl who will be a beacon for thousands of people of my ummah. Her spiritual status will benefit the people of the world. Write a letter on our behalf to the ruler saying that you used to send blessings on us 100 times every day and every Thursday you used to send blessings on us four times. 

Last Thursday you did not send blessings on us as an atonement. The next night, with tears in his eyes, the government of the two worlds reminded him that he had preached the gospel and taught his own teachings. When he reached Zarwan, he read the letter, became impatient, and gave thanks to the blessed person who was coming.Distributed and told Sheikh Ismail in a literary manner that if we still deserve it, we will be reminded. Because of you, my beloved reminded me.

Uazmays suffering from

Sheikh Ismail fourth dktrky innocent habits uatuarsy mtasrhuty’asky on nyazy’andaz gftguaurtrzabadt dykhatupkaraathy different hy.abhy this girl Chastity Lord the Rabia was barely five years old Happy Father kasayh head up loving mother later gya’kch The stains of discord were also given. After that, the fate of these four sisters was like a circus. Reliable authentic traditions do not come to light in this regard.

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According to one tradition, you were sold by your relatives. According to another tradition, when the four sisters were migrating due to hunger and thirst, a robber kidnapped you and then sold you at the hands of a trader named Atiq.

The era of slavery began. The first regular woman in the world of Sufism worked day and night to do the housework of her worldly master and despite being tired, she used to stay in the presence of her real master all night long. The separation from the sisters and the slavery of the tyrant lord could not stop this gem from becoming rare. But at a young age this burden weakened it. The owner said, “Why are you sick?” Ask him to take care of his health. You have kept quiet.

One night Atiq’s eyes were opened and he heard the voices of prayers from the house. He moved towards the voice out of curiosity and took her to Syeda Rabia’s room. “O my true God, Beloved!I am coming to you for a long time. Forgive me. You know that I want to adorn my moments with pearls of remembrance and remembrance of you, but obedience to the Lord of the worlds prevents me from coming to you.

She would not be unmindful of you either. ”Her voice was so tender and sincere that the words of this innocent girl full of love for the Lord brought doom to the heart of the merchant. Now he had changed and spent the night repenting. You are free and I will consider myself lucky for you and if you want to go, you have permission from me. This picture of love and affection said, but I do not have the price you have paid.

The merchant said, “The price is to forgive me.” I want to worship God alone and leave.There is no price. The merchant said, “The price is that you forgive me.” You forgave him and said, “I want to worship God alone and leave.”There is no price. The merchant said, “The price is that you forgive me.” You forgave him and said, “I want to worship God alone and leave.”

Freed from the pursuit of ancient knowledge, she traveled from Basra to Kufa to quench her thirst for knowledge. At that time, Kufa was shining like the sun in the field of education. He considered it to be a cause of virtue. A respected muhaddith like Hazrat Sufyan Sauri used to come to Syeda with great devotion.

Hazrat Rabia was an intelligent and virtuous person. Besides memorizing the Qur’an, she was well versed in the Qur’anic sciences and hadiths. By participating in the gatherings of authentic ‘Jade’ and qualified teachers, you also keep quenching your thirst for knowledge.

Some biographers have tried to prove from their traditions that Syeda belonged to the Qalandari sect of Sufism. In this regard, you are also called half Qalandar. Some say that there are two and a half Qalandars in the world, one of whom is Hazrat Buali Qalandar, the other Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalandar and half Syeda Rabia.

Events of Sira

Once upon a time, the Commander of the Faithful, Hazrat Sufyan Sauri, came to the service to visit him and was so silent that the chosen person of Chaman Haider himself started the conversation.

Say, ”

Hazrat Sufyan said

,” I pray to Allah to take you out of this sorrow. ”

Syeda Rabia said

,” Do you not know that this disease is by the order of the owner? ”

Hazrat Sufyan said

, “You are absolutely right.”

Syeda said softly, “Then how can I petition against the will of this friend?”

Hazrat Sufyan asked , “What is your greatest wish?”

Sayeda said, “Sufyan, you are the ones who make such conversations. I have been wanting to eat fresh dates for the last twelve years and you also know very well how cheap dates are on this earth and how much they are sold in vain, but you know better that I am a slave. they urge slave kajur nhyn.agrmyn tmnakrun a headline “my aqakupsndnh hutuphryh srasrankaryarhua.” (meaning) in the mystic hydrky gftgukusn krsfyan guardian said that he spent kaaktyarnhyn to interfere in your affairs.

Hazrat Farid-ud-Din Attar narrates the miracles of Hazrat Rabia Basri and writes that the ghazals of the desert used to come to the holy court of Syeda in a hurry. People asked in amazement that they run away from Tobani Adam. The deer are afraid of them. The young man eats the meat. ”

Once a group asked you three questions behind the curtain to hurt Syeda and said that men have given three virtues to women. First: Men have perfect intellect and women have perfect intellect. On the same basis, the testimony of a man is equal to that of two women. Secondly, women are defective because they have to be deprived of prayers for a few days every month. Thirdly, no woman has been promoted to the position of Prophethood till date.

He did not know that in the veins of this entity there is the holy blood of this blessed abode who spoke in the tone of Haider in the court of Yazid. He has bestowed three such virtues on women from which men are completely deprived. First, no woman has ever claimed to be God. 

This work has also been done by men. Second, women are not transgender. No woman has become a prophet but it is also clear that all the martyrs, prophets and saints who have passed away have been born from the womb of a woman.

Syeda is less talkative. She talks to her Lord more often. The second century AH is called the century of Sufis. The status achieved by Syeda Rabia will be a source of pride for the women of the world.

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It’s a real kudykh.myrakam manufacturer frmaya”tuandra aurakrsana It’s about the industry, not the industry. ”

Worship style

The style of worshiping Syeda was amazing and strange. This unique style of cognition made her your identity. Syeda was running with fire in one hand and water in the other in a state of absorption. I will extinguish the fire that people worship out of fear of him. Then the people asked, “Why this fire?” He said, “I will burn heaven with this fire because people worship my beloved in his greed.” Ah, what a wonderful gift of love!


Chastity Ms. Rabia died in Basra in 180 AH.

Asceticism, love of God, devotion to God, passion, passion, etc., were united in such a way that, according to the poet

, the angels perform ablutions.

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