ali hajwary

Syed Ali Hajwary

Syed Ali Hajwary

How many civilizations have been destroyed by the dust and speed of centuries, how many empires have vanished from the face of the earth, how many famous families have not even been named, how tall and famous have become anonymous, but have become nameless. Tall people like the Himalayas have been reduced to dust. The rotation of night and day has made the heads of the great ones dizzy. Brave dry leaves like Alexander-Genghis Khan and Amir Timur became the sight of the winds of time. The owners of the empire, which stretched from east to west, who preached sermons in their own name, did not have the fortune to recite the Fatiha. The heartbeat of millions of people who lived a life of fame could not find a person who would light a candle on the grave after death. There was a rain of color and light in their palaces and mansions. There is desolation and loneliness on the graves of those whose names the cities were inhabited

The heavens resound with the sound of their turn. I am in the graves or nothing.

Among the billions of human beings of the past and present, some people have risen on this earth in such a way that they have never been the head of the kingdom, nor have they inherited the throne. He never claimed to be sitting in the windows of the royal palace, nor did he issue a coin in his name. Of course, these people did not become the realm of the empire, but the government is still theirs in the hearts and minds of millions of people. I have never looked at the royal palaces but the real rulers of the people are still the same today. 

These are the people who are the object of history. Whenever I start writing about a saint, I wonder where I can find such a powerful pen and style of writing that can truly express his greatness even today. The most astonishing is the gathering of Ahl-e-Haqq. Even when writing about it, words get lost somewhere. Just like when you arrive at a perfume shop, you get confused as to which perfume to buy because four hundred scents of perfume make your evening intoxicating and intoxicating in the sea of ​​perfume to give priority to one over the other and countless. Choosing one of the varieties becomes extremely difficult, just as it is very difficult to talk and write an article about a great and multi-faceted personality.

 It is also very difficult to write about the glory and greatness of Hazrat Syed Ali Hajwary, the famous Sufi saint of the Indian subcontinent. Your praise is like showing a lamp to the sun. The fame and popularity of Syed Ali Hajwary in the whole congregation of saints and Sufis. It has certainly not become the destiny of anyone else. The reversal of centuries has not yet erased the page of honor and fame. Every nook and cranny of history has taken a new turn. Ali Hajwary’s personality emerges even more than before. No matter how many times it rotates, the image of Faiz Alam emerges from each rotation more than before. Syed Ali Hajwary seems to be reborn in every aspect of time, no matter how many times it changes. In every age, your existence has been a source of knowledge and spring for the people of truth. When you visited Lahore on the orders of your Murshid, Lahore was a Sanam Kadha at that time. Idolatry was rampant. At that time the ruler of Punjab was Rai Raju. Rai Raju was an expert in sublime operations and possessed many demonic powers, which is why people used to call him Raju Jogi. He said to her, “Sell us some milk.

” The woman said, “We are obliged to give this milk to the yogi. If we do not give milk to the yogi, then our animals.” Instead of milk, blood flows from the teats. The jogi is so skilled in his sublime practice that no one can dare to oppose or deny it. Syed Ali Hajwary said, “It will not happen now. Try it and see if its successful operations will not affect you now.” The Hindu woman was very impressed by Ali Hajwary’s speech and spiritual personality and sold him a jug of milk. In the evening, the woman and her tribe saw an amazing scene. When they started milking the animals, all the utensils in the house were filled with milk, but the milk in the teats was still not exhausted. Then the news spread in the neighbourhood. Now the poor people started giving milk to you in rows. When they went home and started milking again, it seemed as if the springs of milk were boiling from their teats. Finally, all the cowherds of Lahore stopped giving milk to Joe. 

Now Rai Jogi came to Syed Ali Hajwary in a rage and said, “You are mine.” The milk has stopped, now it is not good for you, now show your perfection. Is . All this is happening at the behest of the selfless master who is worthy of true worship, who is first and foremost inward and inward. Yes, if you are fond of it, then show your perfection or magic, which will give you its magic and sublime power. But he was very proud when he wanted to show his strength and art in front of Syed Ali Hajwary, he felt as if his body had turned into a stone statue and he had lost all his negative powers and perfections. O Rai Jogi, who has been meditating for a long time, finally, acknowledging the spiritual position and disposition of Syed Ali Hajwary, placed his head on the ground in front of him and repented from the idolatry of his forefathers and became a Muslim. Allegiance to the right hand of Hazrat Ali Hajwary

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