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Story of The greatness of parents

 The greatness of parents

The sound of a 50-year down his old husband that

“Ag listen to

it going closet of glass opens prevention”

Forward old father

and tried to open

but could be more successful,

young son stepped forward

and put little emphasis

easily opened

and said angrily:

“Aha, this one was hard work,”

smiled father and I

remember “son?

I was a child and tried to open the door of the house

so I deliberately silently silently

you It helped to open the door in such a way

that you would think that you have opened the door yourself

so that you can have confidence,

your heart cannot be broken

and your courage can grow. ”

The father was listening to the young son’s attention and tears began to flow from his eyes.

Similarly, the old father once asked the son, ”

What is the name of the new car you have bought? The

son said,

” Honda. ”

a few hours old father vehicle name forgotten

this question again.

son said to be surprised

,” Abu khinda is ”

father before going to sleep at night was the name that question again?

not so young child control He said


“How many times have I told you Honda Honda Honda! The

father fell silent. He took out a 30-year-old notebook from the closet and said to his son,

“Just read this page of his.” The

son began to read the unwanted page in which it was written.

“Today is a great day in my happiness

because I had my first word bird

and 25 times my

father, he answered

, and answered 25 times with pleasure and joy

Say, dear

bird bird bird”

young son hyrngy Every word was recited

and tears

flowed from my eyes. Millions of salutations to this mother


Whenever there was a shortage of food on the table,

the first person to say:

“I was not hungry today” is

the mother.

  • During pregnancy,

when the baby kicks the mother’s belly hard,

she gladly tells everyone,

but the baby does not have time to press her feet

before going to bed tonight.

If that does 💐ay possible that

“life comes at the end of

that lap dying mother did

John get indexed

the sweet lullaby”

man and father who teaches his children to walk by holding his finger with a perfect love

, but strange The

children are embarrassed holding their wheelchairs.

  • Someone really said that

“one parent can handle ten children,

but ten children can not handle one parent.”

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