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Story of selfish

Story of selfish

Story of selfish

Ashraf’s hair turned green after he fell ill. Now there was little hope for Barbari’s survival. Because for the third time he had a heart attack. The doctors also said that they should pray to Allah Almighty for his recovery.

Bushra was admitted to the hospital for three months. During this time, Ashraf made a pact with one of his divorced aziza, who was a caregiver of sleeping Bushra, and secretly got married to her children. Gave birth to five daughters and two sons.

While three older girls were also married. The boys were other FA and matriculation students one after the other.

Allah Almighty revived the human being. May the prayers of the children come to fruition. Anyway, it is also a well-known fact that whoever has tasted it, may Allah bless him. The human being recovered and returned home.

Ashraf’s hopes were dashed. He wanted to marry a new bride at home. His dream could not be embarrassingly interpreted. All the plans were left in abeyance. Ashraf was usually obsessed with beauty and women.

That’s why he would pile up wherever he got an elevator.

When Bushra came home, the domestic situation became bitter.

The couple started quarreling. Ashraf used to quarrel with Bushra by making excuses and quarreling. The children were fed up with their daily fight. One day the married girls along with their husbands’ parents. Come to visit

When Ashraf returned from duty at night, the girls and sons-in-law surrounded him and found out the reason for the daily market, Ashraf said.

“I want to divide the house into two parts. In one part, Bushra will live with her children, while in the other part, Salma, my new wife, will live with her daughter, who is from her previous husband.

I had no hope of surviving Bushra, which is why I had arranged for another mother for my children. Secondly, I have also supported a helpless person.

So when I want to bring Salma to this house, Bashari interrupts.

Salma is my wife now, I am honored. ”

After hearing Ashraf’s Ram story, all the children died on their own. What could they do? And they couldn’t even say anything to their mother. Now even the water had passed through their heads. The marriage was over. Now to bring Salma home. Ashraf used to make a fuss for

The eldest son understood his father very well. But the three pots of Dhaka, Ashraf, neither his daughter’s crying nor any son-in-law’s threat had any effect. However, the younger son ended his life by taking pills. When she saw the death of her son, she went into a coma.

After living on her death bed for a year and a half, one day she too met her youngest son.

The house was rooted, the chain was ruined. The peace was shattered. But Ashraf remained stubborn. Two other traumas could not slip in his behavior.

After Bushra’s forties, the house was divided into two parts and Brahman was parted with Salma as per his intention.

Ashraf’s eldest son Javedab had dropped out of school and became a pick-up driver to support his younger sisters.

One day Ashraf called Javed to his house and ordered that if you want to stay in this house you have to marry Salma’s younger sister.

In case of refusal, you will have to be evicted from the house and also deprived of property. The decision is in your hands.

Give me an answer in the affirmative so that I can decide your future after thinking carefully and also consulting my elder sisters. ”

Javed kept on coping with the situation but for how long it was impossible to escape from Ashraf’s order. Ashraf’s decision was a line on a rock.

Javed’s condition was deplorable and he could not share his grief with anyone nor could he challenge his father’s decision in any court.

Javed did not want to marry Salma’s daughter under any circumstances. According to him, Salma was the killer of his brother and mother.

His house was destroyed due to his misfortune. Javed had no solution for this.

But Ashraf wanted his order to be obeyed anyway.

One day, Ashraf snatched the key of the pick-up from Javed and prevented him from entering the house.

With Salma’s intervention, the marriage affair was postponed for a few months. Then one day the stale curry boiled.

Javed surrendered in view of the delicacy of the situation. Obeying his father’s order, he took a bitter sip for the future of his sisters and brought Salma’s sister home as a bride and started pushing the car of life.

Ashraf is happy with Salma while Javed was driving day and night to collect money for his remaining two sisters who are getting their hands dirty. His wife was not bad and he also took good care of her.

Then one day he told his wife and forced the father to name the house after her.

As soon as the house was named, he tore down the middle wall and cried a lot that day, remembering his siblings, mother and young brother.

After some time, Javed sold the house and came to the city with his sisters and wife.

My father kept begging me that my job is in this place. What should I do after going to the city? Don’t make me homeless.

But he did not believe one.

Father, when you took power, you thought of us and became selfish.

Now I am doing the same thing so that you face the pain, you also know what the pain of helplessness is.

Salma also came to the city with her son-in-law and daughter because Javed’s wife was hopeful.

Thus, Ashraf was left alone on the last frontier of old age.

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