Sindh Class 10 Physics Cha 7 Circular Motion And Gravitation

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Circular Motion And Gravitation Fill in the Blanks

  • The centripetal force is always directed towards the centre of the circle.
  • If the speed of the body moving in a circle is doubled its centripetal acceleration becomes four-time.
  • The Product of mass and velocity is called momentum.
  • G is called a gravitational constant.
  • In the case of satellites, the necessary acceleration is provided by gravitational force.
  • When one body slides over the surface of another body then unevenness of the surface result in friction that causes obstruction in the motion of the body.
  • Distance is a scalar quantity.
  • Velocity is a vector quantity.
  • The torque about an axis is the product of force ad moment arm.
  • Torque is a vector quantity.

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PHYSICS CLASS 10 NOTES for Sindh Board Circular Motion And Gravitation Mcqs an Questions Answer Pdf Download

‘G’ is called __

A: Gravitational accelaration
B: Gravitational force
C: Gravitational constant
D: All of them

Answer: C

The gravitational constant is denoted by
A: G
B: H
C: I
D: J
Answer: A

The gravitational force b/w two bodies depend upon the product of their masses and
A: Distance b/w them
B: Shape of bodies
C: Medium b/w them
D: None of them
Answer: A

The value of the gravitational constant is determined by
A: Einstein
B: Newton
C: Cavendish
D: None of them
Answer: C

Is it possible for a body to be accelerated if its speed is constant?

Yes, it is possible if a body is moving with constant speed in a circular path, its direction of velocity changes but its magnitude and speed remain constant. Hence the body is said to be accelerated.

Why is the acceleration of a body moving uniformly in a circle, directed towards the Centre?

Because when a body moves in a circle under the influence of centripetal force as a reaction a centrifugal force acts on the body which compels it to go out the circular path so in order to keep it moving in the circular path the acceleration of a body moving uniformly in a circle, must be directed towards the Centre.

When a moving car turns around a corner to the left, in what direction does the acceptance tend to fall?

When a moving car turns around a corner to the left, the acceptance tends to fall to the left. The reason is that when the car is moving in the straight line the acceptant is in the state of linear motion i.e. they are in the state of inertia, so on taking the right turn the acceptance fall to the left due to straight-line motion.

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