Sindh Class 10 English Notes Chapter 12 Speak Gently

Sindh Class 10 English Notes Chapter 12 Speak Gently Education in Karachi solved exercises, MCQs, important questions, grammar, chapter overview, and Reading Comprehension.

Exercise-B Chapter 12 Speak Gently

What does the poem ” Speak Gently ” tell you?

As the name indicates, the poem’s theme rests on one of the major characteristic trait of a civilized, learned or well-mannered individual i.e. the way of talking. The poem elucidates the fact that one should speak gently and politely to each and every member of the society without paying any heed to caste, creed, age or gender.
It is the way of speaking or talking that reflects the roots of any person that from which family he or she belongs, how he or she is brought – up etc. Speaking gently or mildly means paving the way smoothly in someone’s heart forever.

Which stanza of the poem do you like the best?

Although the whole poem is awesome but the stanza that catches my attention more is the third stanza of the poem. The reason behind is the heart-touching message given by the poet to his readers that when people turn old, they became more sensitive and emotional too just like a kid. So, one has to speak to the aged people very softly and calmly so not to hurt them in any way. As they are on the verge of this temporary world so if we talk to them gently, they live in high spirits and would leave this world with contented hearts and souls.


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