Shopping Class 10 Notes

 Shopping Class 10 Notes

Class 10 Notes

Question 1: Why did the mother ask Najma and Ajmal to go with her for shopping?

Answer: Mother asked Najma and Ajmal to go shopping with her because her father was not at home. He was on tour and his mother had to go shopping in his absence. In addition, they have eliminated groceries and provisions.

Q.2 How much fare did the taxi driver ask for?


Answer: The mother hired a taxi to go to the market and asked the driver about the fare. Before running the meter, the taxi driver demanded Rs.

Q.3 What did the mother tell the taxi driver?

Answer: The mother was surprised by the demand of the taxi driver as the fare was very high as the distance was barely one kilometer. She further threatened to take him to a traffic constable if he insisted on receiving Rs. 20.


Q.4 Where did mom and baby go shopping first?

Mother and child first went to the mutton market. Najma and Ajmal were surprised to see halal animals hanging in the bazaar.

Q.5 What is the difference between beef and mutton?


Answer: The meat of cows, calves, and buffaloes is called beef. Mutton is the meat of goats and sheep.

6. Question   What did mom buy at the butcher shop?

Answer: First the mother bargained with the butcher and fixed the price at Rs. 90 per kg as per the price list. Then she asks for a kilo of leg and a kilo of the buckle of meat.


Q.7 Where did the mother go after shopping at the butcher?

Answer: After shopping, the butcher’s mother turned to vegetables and fruits. She wanted to buy fresh and delicious vegetables next month.

Q.8 How did mom buy bananas and apples?


The first monthly inquiries about the price of fruits. Then he bought ten bananas for fifteen rupees and one kilo of apples for twenty rupees.

Q.9 What did the mother buy in the end?

After all the shopping, the mother went to a poultry shop. He bought eggs and a kilo of dressed chicken at the rate of twenty and ninety rupees respectively.

Question No. 10 How far is the bazaar from Najma and Ajmal’s house?

Jawab Bazaar was not far from Najma and Ajmal’s house. It was a distance of about one thousand meters.

Q.11 What did the mother tell the children to do when they got home?

When he returned home, his mother asked Ajmal to polish his and Najma’s shoes. He ordered Najma to iron the clothes.

Q.12 When do we use meters, kilometers, kilograms, and liters?

Answer: These are all units measuring different quantities. Lit Liters are used to measure meter length, kilometers for distance, kilograms for weight, and liquids to measure liquids, except for individuals with high viscosity.

Q13. Explain the reason why polythene bags are not being used all over the world? Or what are the side effects of polythene bags?

Answer: Polythene bags are not being used all over the world as they are a major source of pollution. They lock the sewer pipes and when the drains are choked, all the dirty water is released. There is no proper way to dispose of these bags.

Q.14 How can we call mother a watchman? Or did the mother bargain for the price at the butcher’s shop?

Answer: We can call Mom a watchful customer because she knew a lot about the price and quality of the goods before she bought anything. At the butcher’s shop, he first inquired about the price. When he found out the price, he insisted on getting a lower price because the prices were exceeding the price list. The butcher started telling stories but eventually, he agreed to a lower rate which shows the mother’s vigilance.

Q.15۔ Why were Najma and Ajmal excited?

Answer: Najma and Ajmal were very excited because they were going shopping for the first time. The idea of ​​learning new and interesting things was making them excited.

Q.16 Why did the taxi driver ask for Rs. 20 for the fare?

Answer: The taxi driver demanded Rs. 20 for the fare as he wanted to earn more than the fare. Since the meter of the taxi was also our order, he wanted to take advantage of this situation and receive Rs. 20.


·         Beef: Beef is the meat of cows, calves and buffaloes.

·         Calf: Calf meat is tastier than beef and buffalo.

·         Carton: This soap carton contains 100 soap cakes.

·         Cabbage: We grow fresh cabbage in the garden.

·         Fare: Aslam hired a taxi to reach the station.

·         Spices: Spices add delicious flavor to food.

·         Meter: We should not damage our gas and electricity meter.

·         Unit: The unit of time is second in the MK system.

·         Provisions: We buy provisions from the Sunday market every month.

·         Mutton: Mutton is the meat of goats and sheep.



  Complete with kilograms, liters, meters, and kilometers

·         My house is three kilometers away from the railway.

·         This- This jar contains one kg of honey.

·         He measured ten meters of rope.

·         Ker Kerosene costs five paise per liter.

·         Sugar The stick is usually two to three meters long.

·         The speed of this plane is seven hundred kilometers an hour.

·         This car carries a liter of petrol from twelve kilometers.

Complete with the following

Out of date, out of order, enforced, in order, latest

·         The old system of weights and measures is no longer in force.

·         You need to revise your book and bring up to date.

·         The. The shopkeeper told him that his weighing machine was not working properly.

·         I have not received any letter from him till date.

·         This is law enforcement; we must abide by it.

·         This book was published ten years ago; it is very old.

Complete with the following

With cake, bar, jar, packet, carton, bag, roll

·         A carton of soap contains 144 soap cakes.

·         Please bring me a jug of Swat honey.

·         flour. How much does a bag of flour cost?

·         so) The price of soap cake has increased by one rupee.

·         The. The shopkeeper charged me Rs. 90 for this roll of cloth.

·         This chocolate is cheap for three rupees.

·         This packet contains 25 biscuits.


 The driver brought a taxi when it stopped suddenly.

·         He. He took off his old coat and put on a new one.

·         Please turn off the radio and turn on the TV.

·         the. He started a fire before leaving the kitchen.

·         She. She got out of the cat and closed the door.

·         My friend left the cinema late.

·         The watchman turned out to be a thief.

·         The plane departed at 10′O clock.

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