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” Mama! Why did you lie to me yesterday? Parents don’t lie to their children? When an innocent child complained to his mother in front of everyone in a crowded shopping mall, like other people around me, my attention was drawn to her because of this innocent child’s innocent question. Inclined There were signs of seriousness on the child’s face, which made it clear that he was about to ask more questions, but after listening to her child’s questions, the mother decided that because of her question, many people’s attention was drawn to her. The side is focused, so they should walk away, but as they left, the child said a sentence that still lingers in my mind. As he left, the child said to his mother, “You lied. Why did he say that we humans cannot fight against the decisions of our Lord? ”

I was not surprised to hear him say that such a small child and his observation is so excellent. As I pondered his words, some of the riddles in my mind began to unravel and I began to understand the real subject. The child was angry with his mother because yesterday his mother had explained to him that we cannot fight against anything sent by our Lord.

The mother explained to her child that the epidemic that afflicts us in the present situation is from Allah, so we cannot fight it, so we should show our devotion and ask for forgiveness. It may be a source of our forgiveness, but on the big screen in the shopping mall, when the line passes through his eyes that Corona is not to be feared, to fight, he asks his mother that question because of the questions that arise in his mind.

Who sat there thinking of so many people there, including me? Would have been forced When a small child is less deaf, he may think on the basis of his powers of observation that it is becoming less clear to us that on the one hand, we are saying that this plague is a heavenly plague and on the other hand this message from the members. It is also being said that we do not have to be afraid of this epidemic, so it is as if a man is now intent on doing two things with nature? ۔ Has man acquired so much knowledge that he is making such a big announcement based on it?

The informal conversation between the child and his mother pushed me into a sea of ​​thoughts that man is on the brink of destruction but still, his arrogance seems to be on the rise where he admits it. It has been a heavenly plague and the other side is fighting it. When I talk about my country, I bow my head in shame that when this epidemic started spreading, the so-called nobles of our country used to say that this epidemic lasted till the west.

My only question is whether today’s Muslim has become so weak in faith that he will now fight against what God has sent, but as a lowly Muslim, this question arises in my mind and makes me anxious. After all, what is our compulsion that we are only thinking of fighting against this situation, while the need is that the war is not against the decisions of nature if every human being starts a war against himself and clears his heart? If he continues the war until it is over, then the time is not far away when this world will be cleansed of this plague before the inner self is cleansed. All that is needed is the will power and the fight against evil.

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