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Quaid-e-Awan, Prime Minister of Pakistan’s

March 3, 2013: Quaid-e-Awan, Prime Minister of Pakistan’s first address to the Constituent Assembly, when he presented the draft ‘Resolution of Objectives’ in the Assembly.
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The first Constituent Assembly since the formation of Pakistan passed a resolution on March 5. A large number of members of this Constituent Assembly consisted of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s associates, while Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan was his right-hand man. In recent years, Pakistan’s secular and Westernized class has been criticizing the ‘Resolution of Purposes’ for nefarious purposes. Here is Mr Liaquat Ali Khan’s speech in which he explained the draft resolution of objectives. At the same time, the address of late Maulana Shabbir Ahmad Usmani, a colleague of Quaid-e-Azam, is also being presented on this occasion. (Institution)
Dear President, Sir!

Offers the following resolution goals hun.yh purposes resolution containing the pure principles, which will be based on the basic constitution of Pakistan:
Mr. sdrmjls, is the motion:

Bismillah Rahman Rahim
Since the Blessed and Exalted is the Absolute Ruler of the Universe without the participation of the whole universe, and He has given the Kingdom of Pakistan through the people to exercise its sovereignty within its prescribed limits, and since this sovereignty is a sacred one. It is a trust,
therefore , the

    Constituent Assembly, the representative of the people of Pakistan, decides that a constitution should be drawn up for an independent and sovereign state of Pakistan.
    l In order for the state to exercise all the rights and powers of government through the elected representatives of the people.

    l In which the principles of democracy and freedom, equality and tolerance and social justice, as Islam has interpreted them, should be fully observed.
    l To enable Muslims, individually and collectively, to organize their lives in accordance with Islamic teachings and requirements set forth in the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet.

    l To ensure that minorities can freely practice their religions, practice them, and develop their own cultures.

    l The territories which have now entered or joined Pakistan, and the other territories which will enter or join Pakistan in the future to form a federation, the members of which are autonomous under the four boundaries and designated powers. Am
    l Guaranteeing fundamental rights, including equality under law and morality, status and opportunities, equality before the law, social, economic and political justice, expression, belief, religion, worship and Include freedom of communication.
    l To ensure the protection of the legitimate rights of minorities and the backward and lower classes.

    l The independence of the judiciary is fully protected.
    l To protect the territories of the Federation, its independence and all its rights, including the right to sovereignty over its territorial waters and airspace.
    so that ____
        May the people of Pakistan live a life of well-being and prosperity, and attain their rightful and prominent place in the ranks of the United Nations, and contribute to the establishment of world peace and the well-being of mankind.

Sir, I consider this occasion very important in the life of the country. In terms of importance, only the event of gaining independence is higher than that, because gaining independence has given us the opportunity to build a state and shape its political system according to our mission. I would like to remind the House that the Father of the Nation, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, has on several occasions expressed
d his views on this issue, and the nation has endorsed his views in unmistakable terms.
Pakistan was established because the Muslims of this subcontinent wanted to build their lives according to Islamic teachings and traditions. Because he wanted to make it clear to the world that Islam is the only panacea for all the diseases that afflict human life today. 

The whole world acknowledges that the root cause of these evils is that man could not keep pace with his material progress, and that the human mind, in the form of the scientific inventions that the Frankenstein Monster imposed on itself, Yes, it now threatens not only the destruction of the entire system of human society and its material environment, but also the destruction of the earthly home on which man lives.

It is generally accepted that if man had not disregarded the spiritual values ​​of life, and if his faith in the existence of the Almighty had not been weakened, his very existence would have been endangered by this scientific advancement. I don’t fall It is an established fact that only a sense of the existence of the Almighty can save humanity from destruction. The implication is that man must use all the powers he possesses in accordance with the moral standards set by the teachers who benefit from divine revelation, whom we consider to be the glorious prophets of different religions.

 Are As Pakistanis, we are not ashamed of the fact that the vast majority of us are Muslims, and we believe that only by sticking to our faith and mission can we truly increase the world’s prosperity.
Sir, you will see that in the preamble of this resolution, it is clearly and unequivocally acknowledged that all authority and power must be subject to the Divine Essence. It is true that this view is in stark contrast to the views of the Western sage Machiavelli, whose view is that:

spiritual and ethical values ​​should play no part in the governance of the people
. There should be no interference.)

Therefore, perhaps the idea that the existence of the state should be an instrument of good, not of evil, is considered to be somewhat contrary to tradition. But we Pakistanis have so much faith and we want all (human) power to be used in accordance with the standards established by Islam, so that it cannot be misused. 

All power is a sacred trust that has been delegated to us by the Almighty so that we can use it to serve mankind, so that it does not become a tool of oppression and selfishness. 

Be left In any case, I would like to point out that this does not mean at all that we should revive the lost ideology of rulers and kings being ‘Divine Right of Kings’. Because the preamble to the resolution in the spirit of Islam fully acknowledges the fact that the Almighty has not delegated authority to anyone but the people. And it is up to the people themselves to decide, by whom the power will be exercised.

That is why the resolution makes it clear that “the state will exercise all rights and powers of government through the elected representatives of the people.” This is the essence of democracy, because the people have been empowered to exercise these powers.

“People have real power.” Therefore, taking this path naturally eliminates the fear of the formation of ‘theocracy’. 

There is no doubt that the literal meaning of ‘theocracy’ is ‘government of God’ and in this sense the whole universe is ‘theocracy’. Because what part of the universe is there where the Almighty has no power? But in the literal sense of [political science], theocracy refers to the ‘government of the chosen priests’, who have authority solely on the grounds that they are specially appointed by saints who, according to their position in the Holy Land. Are claiming these rights. 

On the contrary, the more I emphasize the fact that there is no place or place for this concept of governance in Islam. Islam does not recognize priesthood or any governmental sacral authority. Therefore, there is no question of ‘theocracy’ in Islam If so If anyone still mentions ‘theocracy’ in the context of Pakistan’s system of government, it is either a serious misunderstanding or a deliberate attempt to discredit us.

Sir, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the objectives of the resolution emphasize the principles of democracy, liberty, equality, tolerance and social justice. It has been further clarified that these principles should be observed in the Constitution in accordance with the interpretation given by Islam. The need for clarity in these words is due to the fact that they are usually used vaguely. 

For example, both the Western powers and communist Russia claim that “their systems of government are based on democracy” — but everyone knows how different the two systems are. Therefore, it is considered necessary to determine the meaning of these words, so that a clear meaning comes to the mind of each person.

When we use the word ‘democracy’ in its Islamic sense, it means that democracy pervades all aspects of our lives and as much as it applies to our system of government, so does our society. But also Because one of the great attributes that Islam has endowed the world with is the equality of ordinary human beings. Islam never recognizes discrimination on any level, race, color or descent. 

It is a shining chapter in Islamic history that even in the Decadence, Muslim society has remained remarkably free from the prejudices of race and color, which have poisoned the relations of other human beings in the world.

Similarly, the traditions of tolerance in our Islamic civilization are also great. History has shown that in the Middle Ages, minorities did not receive the same privileges under any system of government as they did in Muslim countries. At a time when Christians and Muslims who disagreed with the church were [horribly] persecuted, and evicted from their homes, and then when they were hunted like animals and convicted and burned alive. In those days, Islam was the guarantor and refuge for all those [oppressed, subjugated and oppressed] who were being persecuted, and who were fed up and forced to flee. The idea of ​​burning alive never came up in Islam.

It is a well-known historical event that when many Jews were expelled from European countries under ‘anti-Semitism’, it was the Ottoman Empire that generously sheltered them. Was The most striking proof of Muslim tolerance is that there is no Muslim country in the world where minorities do not exist in large numbers, and where they do not maintain their religion and culture. Most of all, in the Indian subcontinent, where Muslims once had unlimited power, the rights of non-Muslims were respected and always protected.

I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that many indigenous languages ​​of India developed and flourished under the patronage of Muslims. My friends from Bengal will recall that it was only as a result of the encouragement of the Muslim rulers that the first Hindu scriptures were translated from Sanskrit into Bengali. This is the tolerance that Islam has always envisioned, and in which minorities do not live in a state of humiliation and disgrace, but live in a dignified manner. They are given opportunities to promote their ideas and their culture, so that they can enhance the greatness of the whole nation.

As far as social justice is concerned, dear Sir, I would say that Islam adds to it. Islam advocates the establishment of a society in which the concept of social justice is neither based on begging and charity nor is it based on any distinction of caste (and race). Islam, which seeks to establish social justice, is based on these basic rules and concepts, which are the guarantors of keeping human life free from the needs of others, and which are rich in freedom and liberty. That is why (in the resolution) democracy, freedom, equality, tolerance and social justice have been defined in such a way that, in our opinion, these words have deeper and broader meanings than the general meanings. ۔

After this section of the resolution, it is stated that Muslims should be able, individually and collectively, to organize their lives in accordance with the Islamic teachings enshrined in the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him). 

It is quite clear that if a Muslim is enabled to live his life in accordance with the teachings of Islam, then in principle none of our non-Muslim brothers should have any objection.

Sir, you should also keep in mind that the government, as an impartial spectator, will not be satisfied with the fact that Muslims in this country have only the freedom to practice and practice their religion. 

Get it Because this behavior of the government would be a clear violation of the objectives, which were the main impetus for Pakistan’s demands. However, these goals must be the cornerstone of the state we want to build. This state will create an environment that will help build a true Islamic society, which means that the state of Pakistan will have to take a positive approach in its endeavors.

“The demand of Muslims for the establishment of Pakistan is based on the fact that Muslims have their own way of life and code of conduct.” He has repeatedly emphasized that Islam does not only mean that there should be a private relationship between him and the slave that does not interfere in the working of the state, but On the contrary, the fact is that Islam guides the conduct of society towards social morality. Islam is not just the name of personal beliefs and individual morality, but it expects its followers to build such a society. , 

Which aims at a good life. Unlike the Greeks, Islam’s concept of a righteous life is essentially based on spiritual values.
In order to give importance to these values ​​and to enforce them, the state has to adapt to the activities of the Muslims in such a way as to establish a new social order, which is fundamental to Islam. Be based on principles. 

A social system that includes democracy, freedom, tolerance and social justice. I have mentioned these matters only as an example, because the Islamic teachings which contain the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him) do not end there. There can be no Muslim who does not believe that the word of God and the Prophet (peace and blessings of God be upon him) are the main source of his spiritual blessings. There is no disagreement among Muslims about these sources and there is no school of thought in Islam that does not acknowledge their existence.

Therefore, any sect which is in the minority in Pakistan should not have any misunderstanding in its heart by the intention of this country. The state will strive to create an Islamic society free of conflicts. 

But this does not mean that it will take away the freedom of thought of any Muslim school of thought. A school of thought, whether in the majority or in the minority, will not be allowed to force others to accept its rule, but will have a wide range of ideas and practices for all sects in its internal affairs and sectarian beliefs. Perfect freedom will be ensured. In fact, we hope that the various schools of thought will act in accordance with the intention stated in this hadith: 

Disagreement among my people is a blessing. Now it is our job to stabilize our [natural] differences for Islam and Pakistan and not to take undue advantage of petty interests, because in this way both Pakistan and Islam will be weakened. Sometimes differences of opinion become a source of harmony and progress, but this can only happen when differences of opinion do not allow us to achieve our true goal of serving Islam and its goals. Develops, hide it from view. 

Obviously, the purpose of this time in the resolution is to allow Muslims to establish a political system in which they can demonstrate to the world that Islam is not the only one in the world. It is a dynamic and progressive force, but it also provides a cure for the many ills that plague mankind today. Because Muslims own.

We have never neglected the rights of non-Muslims in order to build an Islamic society. If we tried to interfere in the freedom of minorities, it would be an un-Islamic act, and in doing so we would certainly be violating our religious precepts. Minorities will not be prevented from practicing their religion, protecting it or promoting their culture. The history of the development of Islamic culture shows that the cultures of minorities living under Muslim governments and empires have led to an increase in the wealth that Muslims have inherited and developed. 

I assure minorities We are fully aware of the fact that if the minorities are able to increase the wealth of human knowledge and thought, then this matter will add four moons to the good name of Pakistan and will be able to contribute to the life and energy of the nation. The value will increase. Therefore, not only complete freedom for minorities.

Sir, according to the resolution, the form of government should be federal, as geographical conditions require such a form of government. In this case, when there is a distance of more than a thousand miles between the two parts of our country. The Constituent Assembly will make every effort to bring these geographical units closer together and create better connections. May our nation become fully united and organized. Of course, I have always strongly opposed attempts to inflame provincialism, but I want to make it clear that I am not in favor of unjust equality. I believe that the areas and geographical units of Pakistan should all contribute to enhancing the merits of our national life. 

But I also want to make it clear that we should not allow anything that could in any way undermine Pakistan’s national unity. We are different sections of the population We are committed to improving our existing bilateral relations. For this purpose, the Constituent Assembly will have to reconsider the issue of which matters should be under the Center and which matters should remain with the provinces. – Furthermore, how to determine the provinces in our new system?

Honorable President, assuring the protection of certain fundamental rights has also become a formality. But I can assure you that our goal is not to give away rights on the one hand and take them back on the other. I have said a lot in proof that we want to have a truly independent government, with all its members having maximum freedom. All citizens will be equal before the law. But this does not mean that the personal law of these sects will not be protected. We believe in equality in law, status and justice.
This is our firm belief and we have declared in many places that Pakistan is not built for the lust of the vested interests and the wealthy classes, but to build a just economic system based on the basic tenets of Islam. 

Because these principles help in better distribution of wealth and elimination of poverty. The reasons that hinder the path of humanity in reaching its peak and perfection are poverty and backwardness, and we (insha’Allah) will eradicate them from Pakistan. At present our people are poor and illiterate and illiterate, so we must raise their living standards. They must be freed from the chains of poverty and ignorance.

As far as political rights are concerned, everyone will be involved in determining the collective strategy of the government in this regard and in the selection of those who will be elected to run the government, so that those in whose hands the government is in power. They should be able to perform their duties in the public interest. Because we believe that there can be no restrictions on the expression of ideas, we do not want to prevent anyone from expressing their views. Nor do we want to prevent anyone from engaging in public relations and association for legitimate and moral purposes. In short, we want to build our system of government on freedom, development and social justice. We want to eliminate social imbalances in such a way that no one is harmed and human ideas and legitimate tendencies are not restricted.

Sir, there are many interests of minorities that they rightly want to protect. This resolution guarantees the open protection of these rights. Our special responsibility is to reach out to the economically backward. We are fully aware of the fact that they are in their present miserable condition without any guilt. Yet the fact is that we are in no way responsible for the economic woes of our compatriots. 

But since they are our citizens, we will make a special effort to bring them to the side of other well-to-do citizens, so that they can carry out the responsibilities of being citizens of a free and progressive state. Are imposed on them as. We know that as long as there are backward classes in our people, the pace of development of our society will be slow. Therefore, in order to build a state, it is necessary that we provide basic, economic and social support to these backward and subordinate classes.

Finally, I would like to make it clear that we firmly believe that we will lay the foundations of Pakistan on the principles outlined and put the country on the path to development. The day is not far when Pakistan will become a country whose people will be proud of it regardless of their faith and status. I believe that our people have great potential. 

Thanks to his invaluable sacrifices and the admirable discipline he has displayed in a turbulent and dark age, he has received tributes from all over the world. I believe that such a nation not only deserves to survive, but will also contribute to the well-being and development of humanity. It is imperative that our nation keep its spirit of sacrifice alive and uphold its lofty mission. Then nature itself will take him to the lofty place, which is suitable for him in the conduct of worldly affairs, and will keep him alive in the history of humanity.

Sir, this nation has a tradition of great achievements. Its history is full of glorious deeds. He has successfully participated in every sphere of life. The heroic deeds of our nation are an adornment of military history. This is a nation whose members have established traditions that are still safe from the ravages of time. 

His creative arts, poetry, architecture and aesthetic tastes have received worldwide acclaim. This nation is unparalleled in terms of spiritual greatness. Now this nation is on the path of action and if given the necessary opportunities, it will do better than the previous great traditions of its glorious achievements — resolution goals The first step towards creating this environment Yes, which will awaken the soul of the nation again.

The Almighty has chosen us to take part in this great resurrection of the nation, no matter how insignificant and insignificant that part may be. We are amazed at the tremendous opportunities that we have today. We must seize these opportunities wisely and with foresight. I have not the slightest doubt that by the grace and mercy of which Pakistan has been established, our efforts will be more fruitful than our highest expectations.

The great nations do not inherit every day. The door to the resurrection of the nations does not open every day. Nature does not arouse the oppressed and the oppressed every day and does not repeatedly invite them to move towards a glorious future. Rays of light appear on the horizon and are a precursor to the day of dawn, and we welcome this dawn in the form of this resolution.

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