Physics 2B10 2BClass 2BNotes 2BCHAPTER 2BNO 2B12

Physics 10 Class Notes CHAPTER NO 12

Physics 10 Class Notes CHAPTER NO 12

Physics 10 Class Notes

Major Concepts

  1. Reflection of light
  2. Spherical mirrors and their types
  3. important terms related to mirrors
  4. Sign conventions
  5. Refraction of light
  6. Total internal reflection of light
  7. Refraction through prism
  8. Ray diagram of lenses
  9. Application of lenses
  10. Totally reflecting prism and optical fiber
  11. Simple microscope
  12. Compound microscope
  13. Telescope
  14. The human eye
  15. Accommodation, near point and far point
  16. Defects of vision (myopia and Hypermetropia)
  17. Solution of problems

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