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Pakistan Defense Day 6 September

Pakistan Defence Day!  What do young people think?

September 6 can never be forgotten in the history of Pakistan.  This is a proud day for the entire Pakistani nation and especially for the Armed Forces of Pakistan.  This was the time when every sincere Pakistani defended the country without risking his life. That is why every year September 6 is celebrated by every patriot as Pakistan Defense Day.  The September War was a great test for the Pakistani nation and the Pakistani forces, in which, thankfully, this nation and its brave soldiers were completely successful.  The impressions of today’s youth on the defense of the homeland and September are recorded in these interviews.

 Najma Habib

 Yes, we are still a nation full of emotions.  Regarding challenges, I would like to say that first of all we need to stop the growing sectarianism and create a substance of tolerance within ourselves. How long will we continue to fight each other due to religious intolerance?  Islam does not teach this at all.  I am sure that the day we overcome this sectarianism, the other problems of ours will begin to be solved.  The second most important thing is that we are still protecting our own personal interests.  No concern for national interests.  The time has come for us as a nation to think for our country.  Only then will we be able to meet any of the biggest challenges that lie ahead.

 Princess Tobia

 There is no doubt that unfortunately, our country is facing many problems at the moment but it is also gratifying that serious efforts are being made to move the country in the right direction.  The Pakistan Army is the only organized body in our country on which we have full confidence.  Pakistanis have always been proud of their contribution.  Whatever the situation in Pakistan, mothers in Pakistan still choose the army for their children.  It’s about trusting an organization.  Similarly, every institution of Pakistan needs to create an atmosphere of trust in the hearts of the nation.  Operations like Zarb-e-Azb and eradication of Karachi from anti-national elements are commendable.

 Hussain Haider

 (NGO President)
 Hussain Haider has had the opportunity to travel abroad many times through youth exchange programs.  In love with his homeland, he says, “I have always painted Pakistan abroad with the same colors that our leader has given us in the form of a peaceful and progressive Pakistan.”  They say passionately that today, when our country is fighting terrorism resolutely, the examples of brave and valiant soldiers of the past give us the same courage and strength that we had in the 1965 war.
 Nabila, who works in the accounts department, is convinced that young people should not limit Defense Day to just a memory of the past.  Rather, it is the day that draws us to the accountability of the past and the commitment to the homeland in the future.  Because in practice, the heroic martyrs have taught us an unparalleled lesson of patriotism in the past.  Which is a duty that every Pakistani has to remember forever, but it is a duty for every Pakistani to follow.  Defense Day really teaches us all kinds of sacrifices and service to the homeland.
 Muhammad Junaid Iqbal
 Junaid, a computer science student, wants to contribute to society better with the light of his knowledge.  Expressing his views on the subject of 1965, he says, “Our elders have done their duty well. Now we have to carry on this tradition with our untiring efforts.”
 Shehryar Qazi
 (Rafah University)
 Explaining the importance of Defense Day, Shahriar, a media student, said, “I have been hearing many stories of this important day since my childhood and it has always been my first wish to do something for my country.  The fact is that I wanted to take up another profession and become a servant of Pakistan.  But now I am sure that by making a film about the events of Defense Day, I will not only be able to express my impressions but also present a better picture for future generations than many Hollywood films based on these impressions of the past.
 Suhrosh Shah
 “Every time I study the background of Defense Day, I try to find the stories of the countless anonymous soldiers of the Pakistan Army who sacrificed their lives,” says Sehroosh, a student at Foreman Christian College Lahore.  And because of them, in the darkness of gossip, we see the bright paths of true devotion and selfless love for the homeland. ”
 Ali Rehan
 I heard a story as a child where a laborer urges his children to stay together and try to explain it with the example of a few sticks. Similarly, two important things are very important to me, despite which we are invaluable.  And the eternal sacrifice cannot be compared to today’s society.  The first is that in the sixties we were all Pakistanis and now unfortunately we are divided into different classes and this is the basis of the downfall of a nation.  We need to get rid of this class division.  The second is that in a society where a person does not have the full right to have his say and faces extreme attitudes, the society begins to lose its creative abilities.  In the September War, the whole nation sided with the army as a plywood wall.  I think that spirit needs to be nurtured once again.
 Kiran Twana
 The 60’s are very important for our country ‘Pakistan’.  But not only because the Almighty blessed us with victory with the help and courage of His forces, but also because we were one nation at that time.  At that time, the national interest was more important than our personal interest.  There was only Pakistaniness inside us.  Unfortunately, today we are more proud to be Baloch, Punjabi, Sindhi, Seraiki and Pakhtun than to be Pakistani.  History has shown that no nation can develop unless there is unity and solidarity within it.  That is why we need to be a nation first.  Only by doing so will we be recognized internationally and our status in the eyes of the developed nations of the world.
 Timur Ali
 (Events Activation Manager)
 As I watch the Defense Day celebrations, I am reminded of the relationship and trust between the people and the Pakistan Army, thanks to which we saved our country in the past. Of course, there is no shortage of heroes in our Pakistan, but every September 6, we  It reminds us that today we need those heroes in every field.
 Lightning arm
 Expressing her thoughts on Defense Day, Saeqa says, “Although we often hear that the country is going through a critical period, the history of 1965 is witness to the fact that even at the most critical juncture, our elders made unspeakable sacrifices.”  By giving, the security of the dear homeland has been ensured.  Every September 6 reminds me that today’s youth are indebted to the sacrifices of the martyrs. Now we have to take every step with the same enthusiasm and zeal as our elders for the future of this country and pay off the debt of our predecessors.  ۔
 From the independence of Pakistan till September 6, 1965, India continued to exert pressure on many fronts.  On the night of September 6, Indian forces also opened a 50-mile front.  It was a time of equal trials for the Pakistani forces and the people and with the courage and bravery of the Pakistan Army and the help of the Almighty, we were able to do it.  I am sure that the Pakistan Army will always protect Pakistan with the same enthusiasm and will throw out every dirty eye that rises towards the beloved homeland.  Operations Zarb-e-Azb and counter-terrorism operations across the country are examples of this firm conviction. The time has come for us to change ourselves and contribute to the development of the country.
Kamran khan
 The history of Defense Day is the best example of the martyrdom we as Muslims believe in.  The memory of the martyrs on this day makes us realize that the spirit of 1965 must be adopted in every field today. Only then will we be able to render effective services to our country.
 Miss Iram Amir
 (School teacher)
 My father was also in the Pakistan Army and I remember as a child our house was decorated with Pakistani flags and in those innocent times I was well taught to love the homeland.  As a teacher, she says, “Today, when I teach many children, I always say that our survival depends only on the security of Pakistan and that it is hidden in” unity and brotherhood. “
 Shahid Afzal
 Expressing the sentiments of many youths, Shahid says, “After the establishment of Pakistan, the enemy country invaded Pakistan on September 6, 1965 and the Pakistani forces gave a toothless response.  Even today, when this day comes, the spirit of patriotism re-emerges in the youth.  Even today, when I read about the heroic deeds of my soldiers, my hair stands on end and this desire arises in my heart that I should follow in the footsteps of these martyrs and pay my respects to the soil of my homeland. My greetings to the Pak Army.
Azam ali
 I think in this day and age, coordination between democratic and military institutions is very important.  Today, Pakistan needs to get rid of corruption and other similar social ills as well as strengthen democratic institutions.  So that we don’t have to look to the military to do all this to take care of the people during floods and earthquakes, or to control the census or to control small gangs.  Every institution should do its part and no work should be burdened on any one institution.
 Today is a time of chaos.  Everyone is putting personal interests before national interests.  First of all, we have to think as a nation.  No other nation can develop unless its people have consciousness and consciousness can only come from education.  There should be industrial development in the country.  It is our good fortune that Allah Almighty has enriched our country with immense resources. We have to use them properly to take our country towards development.
 Usman Chaudhry
 There is no country or nation in the world where there are no problems. There was a time when there was bloodshed in Europe but then what happened?  Then the people there began to seriously seek solutions to their problems and finally they succeeded and today Europe has become the cradle of peace.  I think the most important thing is to find a solution.  Today, our country is beset by problems such as corruption, nepotism and religious extremism.  Like they are hollowing out our country from within.  All that is needed is a serious and sincere effort.
Suhadai Watn ko salam 6, September 1965
In Deland Saturday, celebrates every year as a defense defense, today 54 years ago, we had to face Indian aggression in September. In 1965, the nation of unusual commitment and passion, the whole nation, the whole nation, the bulls of the forces, were made by the walls of the enemy, in the dust of the enemy. This is the day when the Pakistani nation became Pakistani. 
The world proved that Pakistan’s defense is incredible. Therefore, September 6 is important in our history and it is celebrated in the memory of the performance of Pakistan and the forces of Pakistan. Its aim is to remind Pakistan’s defense to believe Pakistan’s ethnicity and proudly the pilgrimage is to be headed on every front. September 6 is the day on which the passion was on their rise, the passionate emotion was on its rise, and the history of Shujaat in the world of the world, which is not the example of the world in the world, the same passion is the same as the same passion is the same for the first time the defense of Pakistan and the ideology of sacrifice and unity. Pakistan is a responsible country and peace and a Muslim, but relations between Pakistan and India were persecution since independence. 
The biggest reason for stress in both the countries is Kashmir’s conflict that is demanding solutions. 1948, 1965 and 1971, Kargal, Siachen, border violence never had a message from India. The neighboring country India always demonstrated militancy, in the presence of such behavior, the defense of the defense was necessary to make incredible. Despite the limited resources, Pakistan beat the enemy of herself in the battlefield. In 1965, India attacked the global rules, including the formal announcement of the war against Pakistan. This was the first international war between Pakistan and India, Indian forces had bombed international border and began to fight against Pakistan. 
India aggression was not faced by internationally embarrassing. Pakistan proved to be waited and fifty and win, and won the professional skill of Pakistani armed forces and loved love by the people of love. Major India has defeated India’s limited resources. Protective spots of Pakistan presented the offering of his lives and raised the nation’s head proudly. Pakistan was found in India’s proud dust. September 6, the renewal edible is celebrated on the official level to clear the new generation from brave forces and to strengthen its defense. Flags, military parade, exhibitions, military events, millions are significant heads of the day. There are also the events of the Himalayas, the colleges, colleges and publicly 695, and the candidates of the Indian India’s war.
 Pakistani people tribute to the martyrdom on September 6, with the national national attitude and enthusiasm, who sacrificed their lives on the country. We tell our new generation that we are proud that our forces had a sacrifice of sacrifice, courageous, brave, best training and skill. September 6, the names of the youth who defended their homeland, the martyrs who were awarded military honors and the blessings of all the people who are deprived of their dust, which are martyred by the martyrdom of all the people! Tribute to all the braverays is September 6, the aim of Defense. The strongest strengthening and strengthen the state that Pakistan is not aware of its defense, the defense of the defense is strong, the defense of the peace is guaranteed. The current situation of Kashmir has become serious, provocative incoming incidents have been routine on the control line. 
The 1965 vendor has been born in the nation’s issues in Kashmir. In such an environment when India has not prepared to give peace, Saturday has been more important than us. 
Defense is the adoption of us, the subject is to adopt every kind of difference and to make the difference to the enemy, we have one and the 1965 passion is still alive. Any attacks can be dealt with any attack in the coming day. If the enemy effort to ensure the inflammation of the aggression, then the enemy will have to take a horizontal result of the military collision. 
The Pakistan is also stronger than 1965, the Pakistan’s armed forces is one of the world’s best professional forces of the world, the long war against terrorism burn Pakistan’s military capabilities and skills. The passionate emotions, love, the honey and the whole nation, is loved by the full strength, the full confidence of Pakistani forces. The government has decided to celebrate the Saturday with the defense of the Supreme Saturday with the defense of the Supreme Center, according to the notification of the Entrepreneurship, according to the NATO, according to the NATO, the celebration of the day of the day of the martyrdom, the houses of the martyrdom and the monuments will be closed at all oven of the country for all attendants. 
Today, internal and external threats are punished on Pakistan and our enemies are constantly in efforts that the border seeds in our ranks. Our situation in the border has been talent, the prospects on Kashmir have increased, the same message is made to be a message of defense, which is united, nations can not beat any of the mentioned day. 
This message is more important than us. Our youngsters who have made their own for the sake of the earth, and come to the country, come to the promise, all the adversaries will play their own positive role in the defense. We will all beat the love of our homes more than your lives, to be the house of allows. O Lord’s path, the name of the worship of the family, says the greetings of the house.

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