mujahid pakistan

Mujahid Pakistan

Mujahid Pakistan

The heart is restless for many days and the pen is restless. Because Mujahid Pakistan is in the hospital, I want to pay homage to him in honour and what will I write about this man of faith. I will try to fulfil my duty by giving. 
First of all, I thank God because Mujahid Pakistan has received a gift from God to the Pakistani nation. No matter how much we thank him, it is less. And this is the prayer from God. May he continue to bless us with more such precautions. 
And may he give perfect health to Mujahid Pakistan (Abdul Sattar Edhi) so that the flowers and buds that have withered in Gulistan may be revived and restore the lustre of the lawn. …

Come on Edhi

  • , you are still not doing it, fans are still waiting
  • , keep sharing happiness in the same lawn again.
  • Flowers have blossomed, everyone is tired of living
  • and again we continue to benefit from this rare diamond.
  • Because the streets of Pakistan are full of senators.
  • Every part of the country is mourning.
  • And we ask our Lord for their recovery.

Mujahid Pakistan is a precious asset of the nation because he has always served every citizen of Pakistan equally beyond caste and sectarianism. By serving the nation selflessly, greedily and selflessly, he has proved himself to be a patriotic person in true words, which is a unique record of his selfless service in the country.

Because today many corpses are waiting for Edhi to come and bathe them.

Wake up,

you have to take a reward from your Lord, today you have to bathe a dead person.

Many helpless children are waiting to be supported.

There are pavements at your door, eyes, our

Lord has made you, Sahara,

any of our affected women today calls Muhammad bin Qasim of Pakistan to liberate me from the bandits of the situation. Because Muhammad bin Qasim on the voice of the daughter of the nation Lubbock had said.

Leave the bed, you have to come to me, you have to put the

slogan Takbir around

you, I see a glimpse of Muhammad bin Qasim,

I have to liberate myself from the bandits of time, I

pay tribute to his high-ranking services by the whole nation and I conclude with this verse of Allama Iqbal.

Every individual is the star of the destiny of the nation

because the personality of Abdul Sattar Edhi (Mujahid Pakistan) supports this statement of Allama Iqbal.

The garden was dark is afraid of silence in

heavy voice to wither or a flower

street, call the streets are heard in the streets

that flowers are fresh and prayers continue

to be deprived of the entity rare never dhrty

asks people to pray morning or breaking of

the Edhi majesty we are with

the atmosphere in the bereaved is all on them

thy perfect proof of truth is you know

you are patriotic soil this land covenant

God Mujahid, Pakistan won the fitness

of things There is also the sigh of the pen

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