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Liaquat Ali Khan A True Leader of Pakistan

Liaquat Ali Khan A True Leader

 Born Date: 1895                                        Death Date:1951

Liaquat Ali Khan’s biography was proportionately wealthy, whose name began with Khan and ended with Khan, but his name was not, Nawabzada was written, he was also the sixth son of Nawabzada and Nawab Nizam Ali Khan Was But then there was a business in his heart and mind that accepted him.

Yes, when he interpreted it in a dream, he was also at the place where he belonged. In Karachi, Hameed Brothers are talking about it and that is that in the four years of the establishment of Pakistan, hardly three or four suites have been left, the port suite is the only place of worship. After 1940, the physical constitution was changing, and before that, they were also tight, but their clothes were also widely worshiped and delivered to the Editor. He did not live at home. They are tailor-made. The sleeveless fabric was actually tested. ”

Yusuf Haroon says that when he was the Chief Minister of Sindh and he directed Nawabzada, she knew the advice of a Sufi Basafa and it is still worth considering. They will try to take advantage of you. On this occasion, you give justice and never benefit from the country. Yes, if there is the blood of justice, you cannot benefit anyone, but it does not remain the right, God’s authority remains forever and the path to the law is to get stuck. ”

We welcome the mention of this great man whose name was Nawabzada Khan Liaquat Ali Khan, who was the Prime Minister before Pakistan. He came to Karnal, India, and joined the England Bar in 1922 after graduating from Oxford University with a law degree. He returned to India in 1923 and joined the Muslim League. In 1936, he was elected Secretary-General of the Muslim League.

Nawabzada Liaquat Ali Khan is the second son of Nawab Nizam Ali Khan. Born on October 1, 1896. His mother, Mahmood Begum, arranged for him to teach the Qur’an and hadith at home. He graduated from MMA and Aligarh College in 1918. He married Jahangir Begum in 1918. After marriage, Liaquat Ali Khan moved to the United Kingdom, where he earned a law degree from Oxford University. After returning from Britain, he joined the Muslim League. In 1919, a meeting of the Muslim League was held under the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The meeting was to reorganize the Muslim League. Khan Liaquat Ali Khan was also present at the meeting. ۔

In 1926, Liaquat Ali Khan was elected a member of the Legislative Assembly from Uttar Pradesh and in 1940 he was elected a member of the Central Legislature. In 1932, he was a member of the Legislature. Backpack Contract contract contract fee contract contract contract contract contract contract contract contract contract after the partition of India, Khan Liaquat Ali Khan was elected Pakistan and was the Prime Minister till his martyrdom on October 16, 1951. He was martyred on the evening of October 16, 1951, after a public meeting at Bagh Bagh Rawalpindi. The assassination of Shaheed Liaquat Ali Khan is another 15 notable incidents in the history of Pakistan. And it’s hard to call his murder an individual crime. The company’s gardens have come under fire after a fountain at the prime minister’s assassination site.

The meeting of India was attended by the Chief Minister of NWFP (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Khawaja) and IG Police but it was related to Mumtaz Daultana, IG, Kurban Ali Khan, and DIG, CID Anwar Ali Gahir. Was The highest-ranking police official in charge of the meeting was SP Najaf Khan of Rawalpindi. SP Najaf Khan did not say in Pashto that it was Sunnah to shoot Liaquat Ali Khan: “He who has shot has been shot.” 

This clearly means that he could not know Najaf Khan. ? Then on his orders, Syed Akbar was replaced by Inspector Muhammad Shah forever. Didn’t the experienced police officer Najaf Khan know that he had carried out the attack? When Inspector Shah Mohammad fired five shots at Syed Akbar, he did not survive. Abrar, an undercover police inspector in a white captaincy, snatched a pistol from the killer and overpowered him. Was Inspector Shah Mohammad ending the mission to defeat the killer? These and similar questions still need to be answered.

Khan Liaquat Ali Khan’s son Akbar Limited had targeted Syed Akbar, the real killer was someone and what he did. They are also seeking that even Khan Ali Khan is not convinced that he was not killed. In the hall, Syed Akbar was hit by a Muslim League guard spear. He has a spear wound on his body. This means that Prime Minister Asiyah Password and fifteen armed men are present, indicating similar poor security arrangements. On the orders of Najaf Khan, security difficulties were encountered, which caused the client to spread to Africa and medical aid arrived. The timing of this air tour is unclear.

Liaquat Ali As First Prime Minister of Pakistan

The assassination of Pakistan’s first prime minister, Liaquat Ali Khan, remains a mystery to this day. Much has been written to unravel this mystery. The article under review was written by Saadat Hassan Manto, an Urdu-style novelist, a few days after the incident, which was published on October 23, 1951, in the daily Afaq, Lahore. This article is not only the unique writing of a master writer but after reading it, one can get an idea of ​​how a real fiction writer has a deep understanding of facts.

 The questions raised in this article are still thirsty for answers. See Saadat Hassan Manto Man in a Frame … Man’s Barry! Jamaat … the enemy of Jamaat! Nation … try to fight the nation! Government … better than the government! This is the story of the twentieth century … and the same story of the first century. Like other commodities, human flesh poppy shops used to be decorated and are still decorated today. Hangs for twisting necks used to be installed in the past, are still installed today. The shedding of human blood used to happen before, it still happens today. The spirit of murder, oppression, cruelty, and barbarism is present in man as it was before. 

So many prophets, so many incarnations, so many sages, so many saints came and went, but could not reform man. Even the laws made by him continue to accuse him of his crimes and atrocities, but they have not been able to remove his motivation, but humanity is such a dilemma that it has not been disappointed yet and It is as happy as it was a thousand years ago. This is the greatest tragedy of man and this is the greatest joy, but if we see any wrong movement, any ugly movement in this tragedy, and joy, then there is a great frustration. In this drama, if a drop falls due to the mistake of the administrator, it is a big shock. On the evening of October 16, I was shocked to learn of Liaquat Ali Khan’s death. Everyone knows the end of human life. 

In Liaquat’s perilous life, being shot by a killer was certainly not a surprise to him either, but the way the drop fell and the stampede that ensued was not part of the expected outcome of the drama. That’s why I was shocked and I announced it. It was not just Rawalpindi that was involved in the tragedy, it was not just the people sitting around the dice. Every human being in Pakistan was involved in this tragedy. The first news of this tragedy in Lahore reached a British man. He calls the APP’s office to confirm. If nothing is known from there, Radio Pakistan asks the people of Lahore. If nothing is known from there, then it becomes silent.

 The APP’s teleprinter is probably moving around Pune 6 and it typed short news that someone fired two shots at Pakistan’s Prime Minister Khan Liaquat Ali Khan at a public meeting in Rawalpindi, but immediately instructed that the news Be considered canceled. By seven o’clock, those who had received the news of Khan Liaquat Ali Khan’s injury through this canceled announcement of the APP were tormented by the reputable personalities of Lahore to confirm or deny it, but Doesn’t know anything Suddenly at 7 minutes past a few minutes Radio Pakistan Lahore broadcasts the ominous news that as soon as Khan Liaquat Ali Khan got up to address a public meeting in Rawalpindi, one of the crowd, Syed Akbar, fired two shots at him. 

The bullets hit the heart. An operation was performed at the hospital, which failed and he could not recover from his injuries. At the same time, it was said that the mob got enraged and put the killer there. The shock that has come to Pakistan from the death of Khan Liaquat Ali Khan is obvious. One can estimate the damage caused by this. No one was considering the damage caused by his murder and no one was wondering how the killer got into the front row, who was able to hit such a successful target … from different sources which are different.

 When the news reaches us, take a closer look at its summary: The killer fired two shots, at close range. 2. Immediately after the assailant opened fire, policemen standing nearby opened fire in the air, causing great excitement in the grand assembly, which was still unaware of the accident, but the assembly was quickly brought under control. Deputy Commissioner Rawalpindi enforced section 144 in the city and cantonment. 3. Khan Liaquat Ali Khan was knocked unconscious 

This was the first news of this accident that the Pakistanis got … people kept getting different results from them … I did not understand why the police fired shots in the air? It is well known about the Punjab Police that it also imposes restrictions on air entry on such occasions, but when the killer was in front of his eyes, whose arrest was certain, he sent a crowd of fifteen to twenty thousand. Why did he shoot in the air and disperse so badly that he had to use his strength to control it. It was said that the policemen were standing nearby and they should have been very close to such an occasion. 

They could shoot in the air, but they could not save the killer, which they should have had somewhere. There was chaos in the crowd, so much so that the police could not save the killer from being killed, which meant that it would have been very difficult to get immediate medical aid to the injured Khan Liaquat Ali Khan.

 That’s why when he was taken to the hospital, there was a need to inject blood into his body. How long did he stay there injured? As far as I know, no light has been shed on this yet. How long did it take to get him to the hospital? No details have been released about him. If Khan Liaquat Ali Khan was the late Prime Minister of Pakistan at whose behest every Pakistani was willing to sacrifice his life, then he has a right to know how his life And why it was taken. What steps were taken to protect them, and if so, why did they fail? The gist of the various reports that reached us by the evening of October 17 was as follows: The assassin of the Prime Minister of Pakistan was a resident of Afghanistan and belonged to the Jadran tribe. Two thousand rupees notes have been recovered from his pocket. (Associated Press) The killer of the Prime Minister of Pakistan has been identified, his name is Syed Akbar son of Babrak. He was a resident of Afghanistan. Saparkhel belonged to the caste. He had recently settled in Hazara district.

 Two thousand and forty rupees have been recovered from his possession and ten thousand rupees have been recovered from his house in Abbottabad. The discovery of such a large sum of money shows that the killer was probably bought for that purpose. The documents recovered from his possession include a map showing important places in northwestern Pakistan. Other papers are in Persian, which are being researched. 3. The Afghan consul in Peshawar, Sardar Muhammad Qayyum Khan, a member of the royal family, mysteriously disappeared from Peshawar five hours before the incident.

 It was later investigated that he entered the Afghan border via the Khyber Pass at 2pm and stayed at the Afghan Passport Office until the afternoon, then left for Kabul in the evening. 4. In connection with the murder of Khan Liaquat Ali Khan, police are looking for a ten-year-old boy, who was an employee of the killer and stayed with him in Room No. 3 of the Grand Hotel Rawalpindi for two or three days. 5. The NWFP government had informed the Punjab government of its suspicions about the killer Syed Akbar. What consolation could these reports have given to those who knew the true nature of the murder? He remained thirsty and his mental confusion increased. It was a strange kind of extraction. Since two thousand and forty rupees were recovered from the killer and ten thousand rupees from his house, it is presumed that he did this job. Was purchased for I didn’t want to go into the details of the murder and the killer’s psyche, but the question arises that if he was bought for that purpose, why did he pocket some of his service and come to the place where his Wanted to get the job done and where he had no hope of escaping? From the womb of this question two more small questions arise: The killer may be hoping to escape. 2. 

If so, were there other people to save him? If these people are kept in view for a while, then the murder map takes on a completely new form. The man thinks that whether he is or not, there were many people around the killer, as soon as he fired, these men wiped him out, but then it comes to mind that the person or the group who did the job Why did he involve more men in this secret? Wasn’t that his stupidity? … These things don’t need my or anyone else’s comment. Because there is no skin on them that can be taken off. In Hazara, the police knew where their “man” was going and where he would stay. Even if they didn’t know it, they knew he was leaving Hazara, and when he was leaving, why didn’t the Hazara secret police follow him like a shadow? 

By measuring and measuring the movements of the most ordinary political activist, she makes life difficult for him, but it is strange that the murderer of such a great being, who has long been suspected, is at ease. Originates from Hazara,

He gives the police the exact address of his destination and his whereabouts and sits at a distance of six yards and hits the target in such a way that the first bullet does its job. He arrives in Rawalpindi on October 13 and stays at the Grand Hotel until the morning of the 14th. During this time his personality remained a mystery. Everything he said was strange. Two or three people used to come to see him in the hotel. The killer had said about him that he belonged to CID. Despite all the skepticism, no one kept an eye on this minister and if he did, he acted with great negligence. The killer was killed, but one wonders where the pistol went, which killed Khan Liaquat Ali Khan. On October 19, Mian Mumtaz Daultana, the Chief Minister of Punjab, said in a speech, “I am deeply saddened by the realization that this tragedy took place in my province, but I want to assure you that the security arrangements of the government or the police I did not have any shortcomings. ”God willing, it may be so, but the information we have received so far does not give us complete satisfaction. Several bullets were recovered from the killer’s body. 

What has the government and police done about them? Syed Akbar was the assassin of our beloved Prime Minister and Leader of Pakistan. He was beheaded, he had committed a heinous act for which he should have been punished, but he should have been protected from the wrath of the mob. No matter what we say, in view of the damage that has been done to our country, let us come up with a million arguments, but the fact is that on the afternoon of October 16, two people were killed. 

One Khan Liaquat Ali Khan the Prime Minister of Pakistan and one Hazara resident Masmi Syed Akbar. Syed Akbar was the assassin of Khan Liaquat Ali Khan. The police have already given their verdict in this regard, but who was the killer of Syed Akbar? The passion that was born in the heart of the crowd against him! His accomplices who wanted to cover up the murder plot … Or the police? Because it has recently been revealed that three bullets have come out of the body of the killer. It is now reported that they came out of police pistols.

The name of a responsible police officer is also being mentioned in this regard, but I do not want to say anything about it at the moment. Mian Daultana should immediately inform the people about all the incidents. 

There is no doubt that in his speech he has expressed his complete satisfaction with the security arrangements of our police, but if the opposite is the case then he should not fail in his duty. Just as it is the duty of our police and our government to trace the murder of Khan Liaquat Ali Khan, so it is the duty of both of them to trace the murder of Syed Akbar. Regardless of all the confusions of politics, if only in the eyes of the law, in the field called balance, on the criterion called humanity, we examine the accident of the afternoon of October 16, we come to this conclusion. That there was not much difference between the actions of Syed Akbar and his assassins. Both are murderers and deserve the punishment that is imposed on such people in Pakistan. Their bloody paths were separated, but they met at the same intersection, which has a pool full of human blood. 

Syed Akbar inflicted a severe blow on Pakistan by killing Khan Liaquat Ali Khan and by killing Syed Akbar one or more men also cut him and his branch, with the help of which he inflicted this blow.

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