Lahore Board Class 10 English Notes Chapter 7

Matric (Science with Biology) Lahore Board Class 10 English Notes Chapter 7 Little By Little One Walks Far! | Grade 10, according to Lahore Board syllabus Long and Short question, grammar, Mcqs, and Writing Skills.

Class 10 English Notes Chapter 7

1) What are some distinctions of the writer?
The writer has been awarded Quaid-e-Azam badge in scouting. He has won who’s who program at the district level, and he has been given Academic excellence award in Declamation context and essay writing competition for the year 2011.
2) How has the writer spent his summer vacation?

He has spent his summers doing jobs to make him mature responsible and financially strong. His first summer job was at English Language center and then he worked at McDonald’s. He also worked at D.K academy.
3) What has he gained from his summer jobs experiences?

He has gained experience from his summer jobs. It helped him build up financially as well as mentally. He has now become a mature and much responsible person. These experiences have made up his mind to think and plan for future.
4) How are these experiences helpful to him in the future?

These jobs are helpful to him as they have made him mature, responsible and financially strong. He has gained enough confidence to worry less about the future, rather he looks forward to it. He is ready and determined to learn more and do better in college as well as in life.
5) What kind of student is the writer? Which of his qualities impress you?

The writer is hardworking and active in academics as well as in co-curricular activities. He is honest to his job and determined to be successful in the future. He does not only get good grades but also participates in other activities as well.

Q.1) Write a precis of paragraph 2.

The writer is an active student, who is not only good in academics but also participates actively in co-curricular activities. Although, his priority is to get good grades, but participating in co-curricular activities make him a well round student. He has achieved many awards. He works for many societies and teams up with other mates for carrying out projects.


Q.2) Write an essay on “Co-Curricular Activities — Preparing Students for Future”. (220-250 words). First, make an outline with the help of the following mind map.

 “Co-curricular activities are instrumental for drawing out the best potentialities of the child.”

Education helps a student get the knowledge written in the books, but co-curricular activities help the students expand their knowledge outside the books. Co-curricular activities are those activities which fall outside the regular academic curriculum yet they are part of schooling or collegiate life. These are observed in tandem with an institute’s curriculum and have yearly schedule. They form core of student’s life which help them develop a successful practical life. The aim of co-curricular activities is to make the students fit for the future time and to develop a sense of competitive spirit, co-operation, leadership, diligence, punctuality, team spirit as well as to provide a backdrop for the development of their creative talents.

Some students are confined to books only, and bring good grades to home. They don’t have strong communicative abilities and are not fully groomed to face the hurdles which get magnified during higher levels. Apart from the studies, students must also be aware of the outside world and try to excel in any kind of challenge. Exams and results are just the part of knowledge and help in getting promoted to the next class, but co-curricular activities are important because they build a different personality which is the requirement of today’s competitive era. 


Many students have talents in all sorts of different area. Co-curricular activities are designed for students to meet their needs and cover broad range of their abilities and talents. They stimulate interests in students and provide opportunity for the students to participate. They help to develop all round personality to face the undaunted task and turbulent world of future. Experience and accolades gained through many of these activities help during internships and other school-sponsored work programs. Whenever a student is given leadership in certain matters, it boosts up his self-confidence and sense of achievement.

Co-curricular activities provide a practical hands-on approach to the students. They provide similar experiences that the students will face in the outside world. A successful co-curriculum builds links between the school and the wider community. It helps the students work with all kind of communities both inside the institute as well as outside.

A career is not the only part of an adult’s life. Such experiences bring fame for them and for their country as well. Through equal balancing of academics and co-curricular activities, the students have the chance to exercise their rights and opportunity to be multi-talented.


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