It has been seven years since the national hero MM Alam passed away

Air chief Muhammad Mahmood Alam (MM Alam) is also known as the Little Dragon in the Pakistan Air Force. 

The background to this title is the great achievement of MM Alam which is not only in the history of Pakistan Air Force but also in the history of the world  It is written on September 7, 1965 that when six Indian Air Force Hunter planes entered Pakistani airspace to attack Sargodha Air Base, Squadron Leader MM Alam was sitting in the cockpit of his plane ready to wire.  
As soon as he got the information on the lace, he reached into the air and as soon as he left, he hit an Indian plane. Coincidentally, the fire hit the right target and the Indian plane started moving towards the ground.  MM Alam, who was running back in the same direction, followed him and in just 30 seconds he shot down four more planes in a row. 
Thus, in just one minute, five planes were shot down which no one has been able to break till date.  In all, he shot down eleven Indian ships in the war of 1965.  He was awarded the Little Dragon Award as well as the Star of Courage. MM Alam retired as an Air Commodore in 1982. He also fought against the Soviet Union as a mujahid in Afghanistan.  He also took part in the war on his own.
 MM Alam was born on July 6, 1935 in the city of Calcutta, India.  All the siblings got married but postponed their marriage till the independence of Kashmir.  He joined the Pakistan Air Force on October 1, 1952. After completing his training, he was sent to PAF College, Risalpur.  He started his career as a Fighter Pilot Officer in 1954. In 1963, he was posted as Air Gunner and Tactical Instructor in Fighter Leader School.  MM Alam was a Bihari Muslim. Most of his family members stayed in Bangladesh but MM Alam stayed in Pakistan saying that Pakistan is our real homeland. 
In 1973, MM Alam along with other Pakistani pilots  The Syrian Air Force went to Syria to train pilots. In fact, whenever Israeli planes attacked Syria, MM Alam’s plane would take off and the Israeli pilots would chase away their planes and take them back to attack Syria.  Impossible to be  After retirement, he went into seclusion. Reading books was his favorite pastime. He always stayed away from celebrations and exhibitions.  In this regard, an incident is very famous that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was invited to the convocation of Punjab University. There were about 15,000 students in the hall of the university. Nawaz Sharif asked the students, “Do you know MM Alam?”  Nawaz Sharif was astonished at the ignorance that not a single student could answer.  
Everyone said that we know about MM Alam Road, we don’t know about MM Alam. When this news reached them with reference to a journalist, they smiled and said, “Where am I a hero of the Pakistani nation?”  
So they are the politicians who take the Rs 7 billion plaza for Rs 36 crore, they forgive the debts of crores of rupees.  “Two people came to meet him. One of them was a journalist. When Air Commodore Jamal introduced the journalist, the effects of disgust appeared on MM Alam’s face,” he said. “Yes, I know September has come.  I will miss M. Alam and it will cost me like a hot cake.  Yesterday I received a call from PTV for an interview.
I refused, saying, “Will you air whatever I say?”  It is an honor that before going to bed, MM Alam paid a special visit to Nawa-e-Waqt’s office in Karachi and met all the staff members, including Resident Editor Saeed Khawar, one by one.  He wants to see Pakistan as a leading country in the Islamic world, but he was angry with Pakistani politicians and rulers. One thing he said before his death was that no matter how much advanced technology India acquires, it is our pilots.  Where will the passion and enthusiasm come from? Of course, the importance of the machine has its place, but the real thing is the man sitting behind the machine, if he is a coward, then there is no point. 
To make Pakistan famous all over the world and to set a new record.  
The great hero passed away in a state of anonymity on March 18, 2013 at the age of 78. MM Alam passed away but it is very sad to say that another fellow pilot of MM Alam Farooq Omar who passed away at the age of 65.  
He performed many feats in the war of Kashmir. Despite being alive, he is now living a life of anonymity in Lahore.  Even those who have interviews and have flowers may be waiting for them to die because we only call those who die heroes.

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