In spite of war

In spite of war

 In spite of war Stanza 1:

  •   In spite of war, in spite of death,
  •   In spite of all human suffering,
  •   Something inside me laughs and sings
  •   And I should praise with all my breath.


Despite all the devastating wars, death, and suffering of all human beings, there is something in my heart that sings the song of hope and joy with laughter. Therefore, I should wholeheartedly appreciate it.

In spite of war  Stanza 2:

  •   Despite the war, despite the hatred
  •   Leleux is opening at my door,
  •   The Alps are tripping along the way
  •   Despite the war, despite the anger.


Despite the war and hatred, Lelex is opening my door. Tulips are also growing and stumbling along the way. Although there are war and anger, these flowers give us hope and courage to face the situation.

In spite of war Stanza 3:

  •   “Courage!” The glory of the morning says.
  •   “Happiness!” Daisy murmur,
  •   And just living is divine
  •   When Pansies are looking up at me.


The splendor of the morning spoke softly with courage and daisy flowers for joy (celebration) and do not worry about the losses of the war. Life is beautiful, and it becomes even more beautiful when the panties open and their eyes turn to me.

Stanza 4:

  •   Clouds are moving along the ocean,
  •   And the shining waves call to me
  •   This is nothing real but what is true,
  •   That everywhere and everywhere
  •    Greatness is won through despair.


Clouds are playing with the sea. The shining waves are calling to me Go back to the fact that everything that is fair and just is actually the truth. This fact lives everywhere in this world. Although there is despair, dignity and despair survive.

In spite of war Stanza number 5:

  •   Although the gun can roar and the cannons can fire,
  •   Roses grow and gardens bloom.
  •   My soul will still light its flames
  •   Along the way, the popes came.


In war, guns and cannons are roaring around and on the rise, but roses are still blooming and the gardens are full of beautiful flowers. This beautiful atmosphere makes me happy. I am in high spirits to see the poppy growing.

  In spite of war Stenza 6:

  • Where the morning altar burns with white
  • Lily can lift her silver soles
  •  Despite the war, despite the shame.


When the sun rises in the morning and spreads light everywhere, the beautiful lilies shine like silver. Then, despite the war, which is very embarrassing, lollipops are everywhere to reduce the horrors of war.

In spite of war Stanza number 7:

  •  And a whisper in my ear,
  • Wake up from your dreams! Look and see
  • This life is nothing but happiness
  • Despite the war, despite the death! “


The breath of my whisper speaks softly in my ear to wake you from your nightmare. Look around and see the world. Life is nothing but ACC. It is full of joy, even though the war is going on there and death is everywhere.

Class 10 English Notes