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How to get humanity?

How to get humanity?

 Man’s dream of a bird tied to the whims

believe that the Most High God our fowler, and human dreams and aspirations of prison by bird jgly

Marlet man take that will fly even if

they will never get out of jail

like exactly the same way There are birds kept by a bird dealer, unless they lose their lives, he will not set them free,

or on the other hand, someone will buy them, but imprisonment is their destiny, so life

is a web of desires. not very stern and strong

man will however try to will not break

his release is possible only with his death

made the question now is how the prison Darul ????

Take for example two lions of a forest, a circus

The lion of the forest will be called the beast, while the lion of the circus will be called the trained pet. In the

same way, the fallen man will live in a completely wandering

mood , so this man will not be called a savage man . If he lives according to the will of God, then he will be called a human being

and the doors and walls of this prison will bow before him.

Now the question arises, how to keep the hunter happy by staying in this forest, so that the

hunter can keep us from this cage. Get rid of it and put it in an open climate.

For example, if you have a talking parrot, it will stay with the hunter, fulfilling his orders, and will not try to fly to the hunter’s house. He will love the people, he will obey them,

then the fisherman may take him out of the cage in his house and leave him in the open house.

In the same way, if you want our hunter to take us out of this cramped cage and leave

us in the open spaces of humanity, then we have to obey the hunter’s words, which the hunter says, his, created, beautified by slaves. This is the only way for us to reach the

heart of the fisherman. We will make a home in the heart of the fisherman, so the fisherman will be happy with us and take us to the destination we want, a destination that We have never dreamed of,

but all this is possible only when we follow all the rules that our hunter has made for our God Almighty,

then we can benefit from the level of humanity,

otherwise After suffocating in prison, when we breathe out, we will be taken out and thrown away.

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