Hard work, contentment and blessings

 Hard work, contentment and blessing are three words in the same circle

It is said that there is greatness in hard work. If you work hard to achieve your goals, you will achieve greatness and success. But in today’s world, recognising one’s purpose first is a great achievement. Then it is up to you to work hard, to struggle, to cope with the situation. Some people say that we work so hard, yet we don’t get that reward for our hard work, our struggle, our hard work.

 So in my opinion, if you want to be rewarded for all the hard work you have done, all the blood and sweat you have shed, you will have to be content with the hard work, then you will be blessed with what you will get. Greatness and success in your work, in your purpose.

Hard work, contentment and blessing are three words in the same circle. You will work hard and I will not be complacent about my status. Your work will not be blessed. If you try to make a living without working hard, then it is useless to do so.

Hard-earned money, whether it is your academic credentials or any other achievement, if you want to be blessed with it, you want the best reward for it or you want to increase it for your own good, then what you get first Yes, we have to be satisfied with that. Then what is small will also become so much with the blessing of Allah that you will be happy. 

If you learn to be content with what Allah has given you, then Allah will give you so much that the intellect will be stunned. Even if you work hard and are satisfied with what you get, Allah will surely bless you with His mercy and you will surely get greatness according to your desire. 

But you will be blessed with all this only when you will work hard in the legitimate work which you have been prevented from doing. If you insist on writing it down, you will get temporary success. Will reach the ground, no matter how contented you may be, but it is a The time will come when you will pass away. In comparison, nothing that is obtained in a lawful and lawful manner does decline, so there are peace and blessings for you. So you have got it, be content with what you are getting and inspire others to do the same.

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