Genghis Khan – First Episode

Genghis Khan – First Episode

Genghis Khan - First Episode
A terrible chapter of terror, fear and barbarism in the history of the world

In the fertile valleys of the Caroline River and the Onan River north of the Gopi Desert, there were countless tribes, as well as Mongol tribes. In a Mongol tribe, a child was born to a man named Yesukai, whom he named Tamuchan. On this occasion, some wise people of this tribe predicted that this boy would grow up to be a tyrant and a tyrant. The Mongols were a savage hunter-gatherer nation, as the area was icy, they needed skins to protect them from snow and cold, for which they hid and hunted wild horses and twelve lions.

To avoid the cold, they ate the flesh of animals as well as their intestines and drank their blood. By the time Tamuchan was born, his nation was divided into hundreds of families, and his own tribe was angry with him. The boy was so young that his father was poisoned by his enemies Thus, the boy grew up in the shadow of his widowed mother with his other siblings. His mother often sat him down at night to tell him about the bravery and courage of his ancestors. That is why Tamuchin has been fearless and brave since childhood.

In this ancient period, the enmity between the tribes was at its height. One day the boy was walking alone through the forest where six young men from the enemy tribe were lying in wait to kill him. Seeing these young men, Tamuchan was not scared at all, but drew his sword and ran towards them. The boys shot arrows at him, but he escaped from them and attacked them and killed them, taking their horses with him when he killed his mother Olon. His mother was very happy with his bravery.


The first tragedy that befell Tamuchan and his tribe when they grew up was that they were suddenly attacked by an enemy tribe, led by Targa Tai, in the area. Unable to compete, they fled, but Tumuchan’s misfortune fell into their hands. They arrested him and presented him to their chief, Targatai, who imprisoned Tumuchan in a tent. Fortunately, he was able to escape from the tent and return to his tribe secretly. The people of the Tamuchen tribe felt that only those who had the strength and power could survive in this jungle of human beings, so they decided to build a strong and large army of their own. In which the people of the tribe decided that Tamuchan is a brave and courageous young man, so he should be made the chief of the tribe. Thus Tamuchin is the cause of his courage and bravery Became the ruler and chief of the Mongol tribe. His tribe gave him the title of Genghis Khan.

Genghis Khan, after becoming the ruler and chief of the Mongols, tried to unite all the tribes of the area and issued an order that no matter how many tribes there were in the area, no one would raise their hands against each other. The supporters and the army began to grow rapidly, and in a short time, the number of soldiers in his army reached about thirteen thousand. Meanwhile, the Tai Jut, a tribe in the northern part of the Gopi Desert whose chief was named Tapargha Tai, saw the growing number of Genghis Khan’s supporters and decided to attack him with an army of 30,000. Going forward, Genghis Khan, showing great courage and bravery, ordered his comrades to retaliate. 

His soldiers attacked the enemy with great speed and shot so many arrows that at the beginning of the battle, Tapargha Tai’s army Heavy casualties were inflicted, followed by a horrific two-way battle Started As a result, the soldiers of Genghis Khan achieved a glorious victory for the first time and the chief of the enemy tribe, Tapargha Tai, was defeated and fled. This was Genghis Khan’s first victory against an enemy. This victory in the war against the enemy raised Genghis Khan’s spirits and he began to increase the number of his army. He wanted to emerge as an invincible force. So when his strength and army increased, he set out to conquer China. In his invasion of China, three major tribes, the Spaces, the Tai Jut, and the Tatar, came in his way. Added to This was Khan’s first victory. This victory in the war against the enemy raised the spirits of Genghis Khan and he began to increase the number of his army. 


He wanted to emerge as an invincible force. So when his strength and army increased, he set out to conquer China. In his invasion of China, three major tribes, the Spaces, the Tai Jut, and the Tatar, came in his way. Added to This was Khan’s first victory. This victory in the war against the enemy raised the spirits of Genghis Khan and he began to increase the number of his army. He wanted to emerge as an invincible force. So when his strength and army increased, he set out to conquer China. In his invasion of China, three major tribes, the Spaces, the Tai Jut, and the Tatar, came in his way. Added to

China was then ruled by the Qin dynasty. When his commanders were informed that Genghis Khan was about to attack them, they too began preparations for retaliation. Most cities in China were fortified and fortified. For this war, Genghis Khan planned to divide his army into four divisions and make his four sons Jochi, Chughtai, Oghdai and Tulai the leaders of these armies. And he adopted the strategy of attacking and conquering cities or towns which were not surrounded by forts and walls. Genghis Khan acted with great speed and made speed his tactic. He would attack the slow-moving armies of China from place to place with his army on Chinese soil, inflicting immense damage on them and snatching goods from them. In this way, he raised a storm in China and conquered all the cities around which there were no forts or walls.

Genghis Khan’s strategy and war plan had broken the backs of the Chinese. Genghis Khan and his soldiers were now well acquainted with Chinese territory. So he now intended to conquer these cities, which were surrounded by forts and walls, and as a tactic he used his fear which had spread in the area. To spread his terror on the Chinese armies, he declared that none of those who would fight the Mongol soldiers would be spared, and those who obeyed Genghis Khan would be told nothing.


Genghis Khan had placed the Chinese generals he had captured during his victories in the wars so far in front of his army, pointing him to various Chinese forts and cities. Thus Genghis Khan marched with his four armies one by one, conquering all the forts and cities of China. He was achieving great victories and his spirits were rising. Whoever conquered a city or a fort would heat up the market of destruction and ruin, after capturing wealth and property and young men and women as slaves. He would set fire to these cities. Thus he conquered the whole of China. After the conquest of China, it invaded and occupied other countries as well.

After establishing the coin of the Mongol Empire, Genghis Khan saw that his empire had expanded so much that its borders now extended to the great empire of the Muslim sultan Aladdin Kharazm Shah. For the development of his nation and empire, he thought that trade and diplomatic relations should be established between the two empires, so he sent a messenger to Sultan Aladdin Kharazm Shah with valuable gifts, which Sultan Aladdin Kharazm Shah greatly He was happy and in reply thanked Genghis Khan and sent valuable gifts for him. When the messenger returned with gifts from Sultan Aladdin Kharazm Shah, Genghis Khan was overjoyed and ordered that further steps be taken to bring the two kingdoms closer together and that caravans should come and go in both kingdoms. On the orders of Genghis Khan, a caravan of 400 merchants, consisting of 400 men, was prepared, carrying valuables.

When this caravan of Mongols reached the place of Attar in the Sultan’s kingdom and settled there, the ruler of that place, Anal, who was the Sultan’s uncle, saw the valuables in his possession and his intention was ruined. He arrested all the merchants of this caravan and wrote a letter to the Sultan that a caravan of Mongols consisting of four hundred men had come to spy on our kingdom under the pretext of trade. So I stopped them at my frontier. What is your ruling on them? In his reply, the Sultan asked him to treat the people as he wished according to the circumstances. The Sultan’s uncles were pleased to hear this answer because his greedy eyes were on the Mongols’ trade and valuables, so he killed all the merchants of the caravan and seized their property. 


Coincidentally, one of his men, who had survived the assassination, approached Genghis Khan and informed him of the situation. Genghis Khan Sultan Aladdin Kharazm Shah and his uncles became very angry over the killing of 400 of his merchants. All the Mongol Genghis Khan said that we should avenge the killing of our four hundred merchants. Genghis Khan wanted to think twice before taking such a step, so he decided that the matter should first be presented to Sultan Aladdin Kharazm Shah and he should protest. He sent a messenger to the Sultan and demanded that the ruler of Uttara in your area had killed four hundred of our merchants and seized their merchandise so that the ruler of Uttara should be handed over to us so that we could do it properly. Punish and return the goods of our merchants to us. When the messenger of Genghis Khan conveyed this demand to the Sultan, the Sultan became very angry on hearing this message and ordered that this message is unworkable and blasphemous, so he should be killed. To this messenger on the order of the Sultan

If Sultan Aladdin Khawarizm Shah had acted wisely on this occasion and had acted justly and returned the confiscated goods to the Mongols with trade, the history of Muslims in the history of the world today would have been different and much different than before. It would have been great. When Genghis Khan was informed of the assassination of his messenger, he vowed to teach Sultan Ala-ud-Din Khawarizm Shah the lesson of this insult that he will remember for the rest of his life. He ordered all his army to be ready.

Before attacking the Muslims, Genghis Khan appointed his brother as the acting ruler of the empire in his place and set out with his two and a half million soldiers to attack Sultan Aladdin Khawarizm Shah. Before leaving, he divided his army into four divisions. I divided it and handed over the command to my four sons. Meanwhile, he was informed that his neighbour and enemy had left his area and was reaching Jund city in the reign of Sultan Aladdin Kharazm Shah. He immediately sent his son Joachim and an excellent ruler after him with an army of one hundred thousand soldiers. Joachim pursued him with his army and entered the territory of Sultan Aladdin Kharazm Shah. At that time Sultan Aladdin Kharazm Shah was also stationed in this area with his army and a few miles away from his son Jalaluddin was also present with his army. When the Sultan got the news that Genghis Khan’s son One lakh When he entered the area with the army, he became very angry. Sultan Aladdin Kharazm Shah and his soldiers had the best experience of war, but the Mongol soldiers also had more fighting skills than the Sultan due to their constant wars in China.


Sultan Aladdin Kharazm Shah with his army stood in the way of the Mongol army. There was a fierce battle between the two armies. Genghis Khan’s soldiers attacked so fiercely that they cut off the Sultan’s army from one side and marched towards the middle of it. The Sultan’s soldiers were also stubborn and fighting to the death. The Sultan was about to be defeated. Fortunately, his eldest son Jalaluddin Khawarizm Shah also reached there with his army and attacked the Mongols so fiercely that the Mongols retreated. Jochi, the son of Genghis Khan, had to retreat and fled with his army. Many of the Sultan’s soldiers were killed in this battle. Seeing such a large number of his soldiers killed, the Sultan became very worried and frightened. He estimated that the Mongols were more fearless and fearless than other nations and attacked fearlessly, so he decided on his own that He will not fight the next Mongols.

The fear of the Mongols overwhelmed the heart and mind of Sultan Aladdin Kharazm Shah so much that he kept making mistakes instead of planning more battles to cope with more attacks by Genghis Khan. His biggest mistake was that after defeating Genghis Khan’s army, he reached Samarkand with his entire army even though his army was around four lakh at that time. The second big mistake he made was to divide his army into different parts. From his army, he sent an army of sixty thousand to his uncle Anal, which caused Genghis Khan to invade his kingdom. He sent an army of 30,000 to Bukhara and an army of about 200,000 to protect Samarkand and kept the rest. Thus Sultan Aladdin Khawarizm Shah weakened and consolidated his fighting power.

By dividing his army, Sultan Aladdin Kharazm Shah had already weakened his fighting power. This led to another folly which made his soldiers angry with him. The folly was that during his stay in Samarkand, when Sultan Inspecting a trench, after inspecting the trench, he said to his commanders and soldiers that we have been attacked by such a large nation that if they put their whips in this trench, this trench will be filled with it. The Sultan left Samarkand for Khurasan and his soldiers understood that the Sultan no longer wanted to face the Mongols. It was Sultan Aladdin Kharazm Shah who in his youth had subdued the most rebellious enemies. But the Mongols were so terrified that he gave up his intention to confront them. 

The Sultan used to get information about Genghis Khan that Genghis Khan, with his army under the command of his four sons, killed all the Muslims one by one. Cities are being captured. On the other hand, in the heart of Sultan Aladdin, for fear of Genghis Khan, he used to run in front of the Mongols with his army of two lakhs, sometimes in a city, sometimes in front of the Mongols. If you want to do this, go to a safe place with some bodyguards. We have an army of 200,000. If we stand firm in front of the Mongols, we can beat them and force them to return. But some unfortunate astrologers advised the Sultan that the Muslims should not fight the Mongols or they would suffer. This became in the Sultan’s mind. He did not obey his generals or his son. So the Sultan did so and hid on an island. The Mongols reached the fort in which he had kept his family and besieged it, and with a little resistance, they captured the fort and Killed the guards and other men. Among them were close relatives of the Sultan and old women. The Sultan’s daughters and beautiful girls were divided among the Mongol chiefs. When this sad news reached Sultan, he was so shocked by the grief that he fell ill and died for a few days.

Genghis Khan, with his army under the command of his four sons, captured many Muslim cities one by one. Could stay They inflicted extreme cruelty and barbarism on the Muslim cities they attacked, massacred women, children and men, and destroyed schools, madrassas, mosques, libraries and libraries, and cultural centres. History testifies that due to the cowardice of Sultan Aladdin Kharazm Shah, the Mongols laid the bricks of his great empire. The cowardice and behaviour of Sultan Aladdin is highly hateful.

Parchangiz Khan was very happy with the death of Sultan Aladdin Kharazm Shah. He was also aware of the bravery and courage of Jalaluddin Kharazm Shah, the eldest son of the Sultan. He had no idea that if Jalaluddin was not eliminated soon. Lest he should gather the scattered Muslims and form an army against it and turn all the conquests of the Mongols into the worst defeats. So Genghis Khan ordered his sons and generals to search for Jalaluddin Khawarizm Shah.

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