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English Notes Class 10 Unit 9

 English Notes Class 10 Unit 9 Equipment’’ Edgar Guest

English Notes Class 10 Unit 9
English Notes Class 10 Unit 9

English Notes Class 10 Unit 9 Equipment’’ Edgar Guest NEW UPDATED NOTES CLASS TEN ENGLISH NOTS ALL GOVT BOARD

Question 1: The second slogan of the poem “Equipment” is a paraphrase.

Answer: My children! You have to understand the fact that God has endowed you with all the abilities that He has given to all great human beings. Like these great human beings, you have two arms, two hands, two legs, two eyes, and a brain. All human beings started their lives with these things, so get to the beginning because you can do everything.

Q2: Summarize the poem “Equipment”?

Answer: The poem is written by Edgar Guest. In this poem, he addresses us and says that every person in this world is endowed with the same physical abilities: eyes, ears, legs, hands, arms and brain. Even the greatest men have these abilities. All great people use their normal lives in their daily lives to become great people in the world. In terms of physical constitution and physical strength, all human beings are the same, so it is possible for every human being to attain a high position and achieve great goals.

Q3: Write a poetic plan of poetry equipment?

Answer: The poetry scheme of poetry is ABABCC. The poet sometimes repeats some words like the word ‘two’ online 3.

Q4: What is the main idea of ​​the poem tool?

Answer: The subject of equipment is that Allah Almighty has endowed all human beings with all the equipment required for success. It is now up to them to decide whether or not to use the equipment. Everyone is responsible for their own destiny.

Q5: Explain this statement in the light of the verse “All human beings are born equal”?

Answer: In the field of poetry, the poet says that all human beings are born equal. This means that God gave all human beings two eyes, two legs, two hands, two arms, and a brain. It is now up to them how to use these features and abilities.

Q: How do you feel after reading the poem?

A: After reading the poem, we feel more excited, excited, optimistic, and hopeful. This poem has given us some extra energy and instilled determination in us.