English 2BNotes 2BClass 2B10 2BUnit 2B7

English Notes Class 10 Unit 7

 English Notes Class 10 Unit 7 The Aged Mother

English Notes Class 10 Unit 7
English Notes Class 10 Unit 7
Question 1: Why did the farmer decide to take his mother to the summit?
A: The farmer decided to take his mother to the summit to leave her there for a while. That way, she would die in solitude.
Q2: Why did the son hide his mother in the closet?
Answer: The son hid his mother in a room under the kitchen floor so that he could escape the death penalty announced by the governor for the elderly.
Q 3: What is the meaning of the phrase “wisdom comes with a crown of snow”?
Answer: “Wisdom comes with a crown of snow.” This phrase means that wisdom comes with the passage of time.
Q4: What is the theme of “Old Mother”?
Answer: The theme of the “Old Mother” story is that older people are more intelligent and experienced than young people because they see life up close.
Q5: What is the end of the “old mother” story?
Answer: The climax of the “old mother” story is when a farmer reveals his mother’s secret to the governor. He listened to her in silence and then he ordered the abolition of the cruel law of killing all the old people.
Q6: Why did the farmer reveal his secret?
Answer: The farmer revealed his secret to the governor because he considered it a safe way for him. He wanted to tell the governor that the elderly are very important to the state because they have a lot of experience and wisdom.
Question 7: What are the elements of the “Old Mother” story?
Answer: The elements of the story “Old Mother” are character, sequence, beginning, middle, end and moral lessons. Farmers, mothers, and governors are the main characters in this story. The storyline is the city of Shinano. The importance of the elderly is a moral lesson in this story.
Q 8: What is the sequence of the story?
Answer: The sequence of the story is the city of Shinano where a small hut was located at the foot of the mountain. The farmer and his mother lived in the hut.
Q 9: Why did the Quaid issue the announcement?
Answer: The Quaid announced the execution of all the elderly because he believed that the elderly were a threat to his dictatorial rule and power.
Question 10: How do poor young people feel about the announcement?
A: The poor youth felt sad and distressed about this announcement.
Question 11: How did the youth fulfill the order?
Answer: The youth, with the help of their old mother, obeyed the governor’s order. He made a rope of ashes at the suggestion of his old mother.

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