Employment Opportunities

 Employment Opportunities

Most people are employees of someone who has never given up. Man must succeed by striving. Sir Anwar Sahib is also counted among such people who were born in a small village called That in Rawalpindi. Born into a struggling family, Sir Anwar made a name for himself through these tireless efforts. Build more than 30 Bestway department stores in a country like England. Join the 500 billionaires of England. He was awarded the Red Crescent Star in Pakistan and received many other awards. To get to this place, he did not borrow from anyone, did not steal, did not commit robbery, but started his journey from a small hut with toffee biscuits, essentials, etc., and reached this place if you progress in the same way. Cand

As far as business advice is concerned, I have a friend who was unemployed. Even if he was not getting a good job, we advised him that only two kilos of rice and two kilos of chicken biryani could give him a chance to run a good business if he started working. He followed my advice. He made biryani which was cooked in 1500 and he got it. He took some disposable plates from the bazaar and took them to Faisalabad Ghanta Ghar. On the first day, he got a saving of Rs.1000 and then he made this job his profession. He is very happy now. He easily earns at least 30 to 35 thousand rupees per month. Now he is trying to do it slowly.

If you don’t have a chance and can’t find a job, you can set up a small stall with little money. Of course, set the bike. You can make a living for a while. If Sir Anwar Sahib can achieve such a great position with hard work and effort, then why not you and us. If my friend can save himself from unemployment then why not you and me. Give it a try, if you don’t think it’s appropriate, there are many more ideas you can start with just 500. If you want to do this, my little advice is for the general public. If a person of status wants to do business, he can get many opportunities. Provided he has the will to do something.


If you want to be successful, don’t be deaf, then people’s words can get in your way. We are actually darkening our own future by worrying about people’s sarcasm. These are the people whose pockets and stomachs are full and who look down on the workers. Such people can never think well of you. The first step in achieving any position in life is to take the first step. There will be difficulties in the beginning and the profit will be less but by continuing the effort all these obstacles will be gradually removed. If you want to be successful tomorrow, start today and work hard. Get started on a limited scale. Increase work overtime. One day this will take you to the place of success you dreamed of today.

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