Difference Between Acid and Base

 Difference Between Acid and Base

Acid and Base
Q.2: Compare the physical properties of acids and bases?
Ans: Comparison between physical properties of acids and bases:  
It is given in the table given below:

S. No




The acid solution has better

The base solution has Sour taste.


The acid solution turns blue

The base solution turns red litmus paper to blue.


Strong acids are very corrosive and damage skin and other organic substance.

Strong bases are also very corrosive but less corrosive as compared to strong acids.


Acids solutions do not have a soapy touch.

The base solution has a soapy touch.


Acids solution conducts electric current.

Base solutions can also conduct an electric current.

Q.3: Describe the different concepts of acids and bases?
Ans: Different concepts about acids and bases: 
The different concepts about acids and bases are described below: 1. The Arrhenius concept(The classical concept): 
The first concept about acids and bases was presented by a Swedish chemist, Arrhenius in 1884.
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