Chemical equilibrium Punjab Board Class 10 Chemistry Notes Chapter 9

The best and high-quality pdf format Punjab board class 10 chemistry notes chapter 9 pdf Download. Chemical Equilibrium is the 9 chapter of X Chemistry Punjab Board. This chapter will make up your mind to understand why some chemical reactions.

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Describe a reversible reaction with the help of an example and graph.

Ans. Reversible Reaction.
The reaction in which the products can recombine to form reactants is called reversible reaction. These reactions never go to completion. They are represented by a double arrow („ —’—) between reactants and products. These reactions proceed in both ways, i.e., they consist of two reactions; forward and reverse. So, a reversible reaction is one that can be made to proceed in either direction depending upon the conditions.
The reaction between hydrogen and iodine. Because one of the reactants, iodine is purple, while the product hydrogen iodide is colourless, the proceedings of the reaction are easily observable. On heating hydrogen and iodine vapours in a closed flask, hydrogen iodide is formed. As a result purple colour of iodide fades as it reacts to form colourless hydrogen iodide, as shown in the figure.

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