Chapter 8 Dignity of Work class 10 Notes

  Chapter 8 Dignity of Work


  Ruff Waldo Emerson is the author of this beautiful poem.  His philosophy is eternal because it is born out of a desire to innovate, to take advantage of life.


The complete development of any nation does not depend on wealth.  But the majority is the result of hard work, hiGH moral character, and the virtues of great people.  The power of a nation is a fruit that contains the seed of labour.


  The heights of great human beings that were reached and maintained could not be achieved by sudden flight, but they, while their companions departed, were working upwards at night.  (Henry Longfellow)

  “People do not lack the power they lack.”


  Character means moral qualities that shape personal or national individuality.  The power of a nation depends on the personality of its preflight People of character achieve greatness for their nation through sacrifices and beliefs. 

 They build their nation on lasting good.  Therefore, the character is a parameter that can be used to measure the depth of a person’s personality.  When wealth is lost, nothing is lost.  When health is lost, something is lost.  When a character is lost, everything is lost.

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