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Book reading and information technology

Book reading and information technology

I remember very well as a child we used to watch cartoons broadcast by Pakistan Television on Sony’s Black and White TV at home before going to school, they used to sing this song:

“Books talk about entertaining us

Sometime next time some time past ”

Our childhood was spent listening to this song and humming and the relationship with books became so deep that it made me a reader to a writer and then a columnist.

Al-Jahiz was a well-known Arab thinker who spent his entire life in writing and composing. Are

He once exhorted a man in these words: “A book is a friend who neither flatters you nor puts you on the path of evil.”

This friend will not let you down. This is a neighbor that will never hurt you. This is an acquaintance who will not try to take advantage of you with lies and hypocrisy. ”

The love of reading not only enhances knowledge but also provides creative power while igniting human thinking and comprehension abilities.

Thanks to this passion, the search for wisdom and wisdom and the discovery of the secrets of the universe is created in the heart and eyes of man. Allah Almighty has repeatedly said in the Qur’an,

There was a time when books were arranged in a cupboard in the house of every person who was thirsty for knowledge. When guests went to someone’s house, the first question asked to the host was, “So many books.” Who reads? ” And the hosts proudly said that our son, daughter or we read ourselves.

In addition, people borrowed books from each other, students used their school, college, and university libraries, while ordinary citizens who were interested in reading books used government libraries in the cities. He used to turn around and buy expensive books himself. But then times changed, with the advent of TV people became less interested in reading books but still remained.

After that, the advent of the Internet hit books hard and this hobby almost disappeared. In addition, a sharp rise in the prices of all matters relating to paper, printing, publishing, and book publishing has resulted in an increase in the price of books and has widened the gap between books and readers. Price, access to the common man, and the advent of social media, in particular, have revived the love of books, but now it is in digital form.

There are many Urdu language websites where you can find articles on children and women, articles, dishes, religion, health, books, technology, business, politics, satire, comedy, showbiz, Urdu research and criticism, Urdu literature, world literature, Apart from personalities, novels and education and science, one can read books, poetry, and articles on thousands of topics. Major Urdu websites include,, only,, Be clear. There are thousands of websites including K,, Akhtar,,, while Iqbal has a huge treasure trove of confessions on the internet.

After the advent of Android phones, where all kinds of new apps started coming, books related apps also started appearing on the Play Store. The most important thing about books related apps is that most of the books available on them are readable. Are available for free. was founded by Sanjeev Saraf, founder, and chairman of Polyplex Corporation Limited, one of the world’s largest PET film companies.

Rekhta emerged as the largest Urdu language website in the world and started scanning and digitizing books. Content on Rekhta is available in Urdu, Devanagari, and Roman script. There are built-in dictionaries on this website to find out the meaning of any word or phrase with a single click. Understand as well as enjoy the politeness of language and expression.

You can find the use of these words in poetry, poems, passages, and even fiction by writing just one word. There are more than 78,000 books to read on the line. This site is the world’s largest Urdu poetry site. There is an invaluable treasure on which there are more than 30,000 lyrics and poems and the words of more than 2500 poets of three centuries. The line app is available on Android. is also one of the leading Urdu websites in the world. Launched on August 14, 2000, the site soon gained prominence in the literary circles and is one of the most widely used in Pakistan. Is one of the websites. app is also available, this app is very easy and fast, all the links on the website are available in the app from where they can be easily opened and all articles and news can be read in a very beautiful script. ۔

Only is a very good website. His team is to be commended for scanning the collection of valuable and rare books online for free despite extremely limited resources. It can be seen by clicking on it. Rare books and that were too absolutely free. is an authoritative website available simultaneously in Urdu, Punjabi and English. has launched an app for book lovers called “Panjnad Books” which can be easily searched and installed by typing Punjnud Books on the Google Play Store. The Panjnad Books app is a very elegant app that is very easy to use. All the links illustrate the categories in pictorial form from where even a child can easily find the genre of his desired literature and read the desired books.

The Panjnad Box has a section on prose literature, poetry, religions, fiction, folk literature, ghazals, history, magazines, novels, science, and columns, as well as a section on children’s world called Children’s World. Read interesting and amazing stories and articles of your choice.

The app also has a search option to find a book.

Another special feature of Panjnad Box is that you can bookmark your favorite book. One of the best options in this app for Reuters and columnists is in the form of login. As soon as they log in to the app, all their writings and columns will appear in the app, there will be no need to search. All these books and writings are available on the app in the beautiful Noori Nasta’liq script which the readers do not face any difficulty in reading.

The Panjnad app is a treasure trove for teachers, students of literature, and general readers.

Make these lockdown days useful for yourself and your children and encourage them to engage in positive activities. Buying hard copy books is not for everyone but every home has an Android phone and internet which you must have. You can use it to draw yourself and your children to literature.

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