secretary shall

Bise Sardodha

Bise Sardodha

Board Intermediate and Secondary Education, Sargodha Ordinance No. 1968 under the West Pakistan Board of 

Intermediate and Secondary Education (Multan and Sargodha) in 1968, with jurisdiction over Sargodha and Rawalpindi Civil Division. 

He started his activities in various tenant buildings in Sargodha city, Sarthada.  It moved to its current campus in 1975.
Address: Near 49-Tail, Sargodha, Pakistan

Phone: 0092-48-3226241 to 42
The Chairman will take over the Board office as its principal executive and executive officer and will take all action to ensure that officers and staff perform the duties they have been entrusted with properly.
1. Write confidential reports about the work of officers and employees of the superintendent and above.
  2. Appointment of inspection, review and other academic staff or committees involved in conducting examinations.
  Powers and duties of the Secretary
  1. The Secretary shall be subject to the control of the Chairman who shall be in charge of the office of a Board and the educational and administrative department of that cause.
  Orders and decisions of the Board and Chairman should be made.
  2. The Secretary shall take all possible steps to ensure that the Board’s funds are spent for the purpose for which they are provided.
  The.  The Secretary shall prepare an annual statement of accounts and budget estimates and submit it to the Board for approval.
  the.  All meetings of the Board and Committees shall be convened by the Secretary on the direction of the Chairman.  While preparing
  The agenda of the meeting of the board or committee, the secretary will follow the instructions of the chairman in this regard and nothing else.
  Such agenda will be kept or considered in the meeting without the prior permission of the Chairman.
  The.  The Secretary shall maintain minutes and records and records of the proceedings of the Board and Committees.
  The Secretary shall make the official correspondence of the Board to the Chairman except in respect of correspondence
  For conducting examinations.
  All.  All fees and obligations payable to the Board, and all amounts received by the Secretary will be credited to the Board’s account without delay.
  Bank approved by Government Treasury or Board.
  The.  The Secretary will pass the successful candidates from the Board in the prescribed form certificate
  Examinations conducted by the Board.
  9. The Secretary shall perform such other duties as may be assigned to him by the Chairman.
  10. Unlike anything contained in these rules and regulations, the Board may delegate such responsibility to any other officer or officers.
  This can be considered necessary as a secretary

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