Biology Notes FA FSC Chapter No 8 Diversity Among Plants

 Biology Notes FA FSc 1st year Chapter No 8 Diversity Among Plants pdf notes download. biology notes for class 11 kpk board. sabaq foundation biology class 11 kpk board. biology short questions, long question exercise Choose the correct options from each statement and encircle it, MCQs, entry test MCQs answers for class 11 chapter wise pdf. full notes pdf download now google drive.

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Biology Notes Chapter FA FSC

Biology Notes Chapter No 8 Diversity Among Plants

Table of Content Biology Chapter No 8

  • Plants
  • Definition
  • Classification
  • Short Question
  • Long Question
  • Exercise
  • Geological time scale
  • First discovery
  • Evidence
  • Phyletic lineage Definition
  • Distribution of plants
  • Write the diagnostic features of Plants
  • Plant body
  • Body form
  • Aitptrphs
  • Embryophytes
  • Cell wall
  • Groth
  • Sensitivity

Biology Notes Chapter PDF

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