Beautiful Hands Class 11 Notes

 Beautiful Hands Class 10 Notes

Class 10 Notes


This poem was written by an American poet, Alan MH Gates. She wrote religious songs. His collection of poems was published in 1987 and 1910.


Mother’s hands are a symbol of love. A mother is an axis around which the whole family revolves. She saves from the tayammum of life, sheds divine light in the darkness, removes anxiety, does performing her duties make her a happy, healthy, and intelligent citizen of tomorrow. The development of a nation depends on the care and skills that mothers use to raise their children.


The central idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis poem can be expressed in the words of Napoleon.

“Give me good mothers, I will give you a good nation.”


“The hand that is swinging is the hand that rules the world.”

Question and answer

Q.1 What words and phrases tell us that they are not physically beautiful?

Answer: The words “age and wrinkles” tell us that hands are not physically beautiful. This means that these hands are old and full of wrinkles. They are not just small judges but they are big in one way or another.

Q.2 Why does Nokia appreciate hands in second place?

Answer: In the second level, the poet praises the hands because in spite of fatigue and exhaustion, these hands worked carelessly to provide happiness to their children. The poet is angry because when she was young, she could help her mother with the day-to-day running of the business, but she did not.

Q.3 In the third level, what does it mean to “join hands”?

The words “these hands should be joined” mean that the time of the poor mother’s death was near. The poet is showing her grief because soon her mother will go to the bottom of the forest flowers in a layered manner.

Q.4 Who praises the poets in this poem?

Answer: In this poem, the poet pays great tribute to her mother’s hands for her spiritual beauty. He further explained that despite the hardships of life, he worked tirelessly so that his family could enjoy a prosperous life.


High-handed – ignoring the other’s feelings

Sentence – He is most unpopular because he decides the matter with a high hand.

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