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  The Baluchistan Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BBISE) is an independent body established under the Quetta BISE Ordinance 1976.  It has the authority to administer, regulate, develop and control intermediate and secondary education in general, and to conduct examinations in related public and private institutions.
  Jurisdiction included in the board
  For such institutions which are under the jurisdiction of the Board ie all over Balochistan (excluding the institution in the cantonment and under the management of the Cantonment Board).
  1.   BBISE roles and responsibilities
  2.   Affiliates who teach SSC and HSSC.
  3.   Write instruction curriculum for SSC and HSSC.
  4.   Ensure the provision of required facilities in the affiliated institutions.
  5.   Conduct examinations, appoint inspectors and supervisory staff.
  6.   Steps to promote the physical fitness of Institute students.
  7.   Sports activities
  8.   Take additional tests
  9.   Diploma in Associate Engineering
  10.   Diploma in Agriculture
  11.   Diploma in Commerce
  12.   Languages ​​(ABID, ALIM and FAZIL exams)


  To determine the policy-related, scientific and intellectual direction of the national and provincial education authorities to achieve the national goals and objectives of secondary and higher secondary education through a fair, transparent and effective examination system.

  Goals and Focus

  The main objective of the Balochistan Board is to provide and ensure quality education services at secondary and higher secondary or equivalent level in conducting examinations and to maintain the required standards and standards for achieving national goals.  Therefore, computerization system has been introduced in Balochistan Board especially in processing results, registration, publication of results through website etc. in Balochistan Board.
  The Board has focused on proper inspection of affiliated institutions through oversight committees to monitor their academic performance and help them improve enrollment in schools and colleges.  Encourage sportsmanship in students through physical education, award scholarships / prizes to students who show outstanding academic performance in results.

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