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Advice of Syedna Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (may Allah have mercy on him)

 Advice of Syedna Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (may Allah have mercy on him)

The personality of Hazrat Syedna Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jillani (may Allah have mercy on him) does not need any introduction. 

You were the perfect guardian at the same time. He was the Imam of the saints. He was not only a saintly saint but also a pious and pious scholar of his time. He was an expert in external and internal sciences. God’s creatures used to sit in your meetings and get their spiritual food. 

Your sermons burned the hearts of God’s creatures. Here are some of your instructions and advice: Condemnation of arrogance: You said: “Do not be proud of any deed because the validity of deed is on the end. Ask the Almighty to grant you a happy end and to seize your soul for the deed that is most dear to Him. ”

Indoctrination of truth:

He always preached the truth. He not only preached but also practiced. Even in his childhood, he had set a great example of speaking the truth through his actions, thanks to which a large group of dacoits had repented and set out on the right path. Regarding the truth, he said: “It is a pity for you that you order people to tell the truth and you yourself lie. You teach them monotheism and you become a polytheist, you teach it sincerity and you become a hypocrite, you order them to avoid sins and you commit them yourself, shame on your eyes If you had faith, you would be ashamed. ”

Do not despair of divine mercy:

He exhorted the Muslims to be optimistic. He said: “Sirs! Do not despair of His mercy that He is near. Do not despair because the Creator is Almighty. And is it any wonder that the Almighty created something after that? Do not run away from temptation because temptation, which is with patience, is the basis of all good. It is the foundation of prophecy, prophethood, guardianship, knowledge and love. So when you did not bear the calamity, there was no basis for you. And there is no sustainability in construction without a foundation. ”

Beware of carnal desires:

He (sws) said: “Keep the nafs away from desires and pleasures and feed it pure food which is not najis. Pure is halal and haraam is najis. Give him lawful food so that he does not become arrogant, do not become arrogant and do not become rude. ”He added: ۔ So you will find a treasure that will never perish. And guidance will come to you from the Almighty, after which there will be no error. ”

Helping the poor:

Regarding helping the poor, he said: “If you have the power to give something, even more or less, grieve for the poor as much as you can with your wealth. Don’t return the question. ” That is, do not return the questioner, give him whatever you can. He also advised the scholars: “O scholar! If He desires the good of this world and the Hereafter, then act upon your knowledge and teach the people, and O Tungar! If you want the good of this world and the hereafter, then grieve for the poor with some of your wealth. ”

Avoid unnecessary actions:

He exhorted to avoid unnecessary deeds. He said: “O poor man! Stop talking about things that do not benefit you, do not be prejudiced about religion, and engage in activities that will benefit you in this world and the hereafter. Empty your heart of worldly worries that you will soon get rid of it. Don’t seek the pleasures of this world, for it will not come to you.

Prohibition of laziness and sloth:

You urged to avoid sluggishness and laziness and to make your deeds excellent. He said in one of his sermons: “Son! Don’t be lazy because lazy is always deprived and the rope of remorse is around his neck. Make your deeds excellent so that the Almighty will give you generosity in this world and in the Hereafter. ”

The Reality of Fasting:

He (sws) said about fasting that fasting is not the only name to avoid hunger and thirst. Its real purpose is to attain piety. He said: “Sirs! What is the use of fasting and being hungry and thirsty during the day and breaking the fast at night? You fast during the day and commit sins at night. O forbidden eaters! You prevent your souls from drinking water during the day and when it comes time to break your fast, you break your fast with the blood of Muslims. (That is, you break your fast with the wealth gained by oppressing Muslims). … When you break your fast by breaking the fast, give some of your iftaar to the poor. Do not eat alone, for he who eats alone and does not feed another is afraid that he will become a beggar. ”

Beware of backbiting:

He advised Muslims to avoid backbiting. He said: “Do not taste the backbiting and slander of God in particular, for He is the killer of poison. Save yourself Do not treat them with any kind of evil because they have a great power which makes them proud. ”

His teachings, instructions and advice are still applicable to Muslims today. It is important that your instructions are communicated to the people. Unfortunately, the followers of Syedna Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani are aware of his miracles, but not at all. His names abound in the world, but few make his teachings a part of his life. In this time of tribulations, tribulations can be avoided by following the above teachings. May the Almighty grant us success in action. Amen.

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