A Visit Chapter No 5 Class 10 Notes

A Visit Chapter No 5 Class 10 Notes

Q.2 What surprised the boys when they arrived at the model farm?
Answer: When the boys arrived at the farm, they were surprised to see such a large area of ​​the farm. He was also surprised to see the mechanized form.
Q.3 What is the name of the machine working in the wheat field?
Answer: The name of the machine that works in the wheat field is “combine”. Its job is to harvest the crop and tie it to the chefs.
Q.4 What does a thrasher do?
Hungry for a thrasher from answering. On one side of the machine, the sweet-smelling machine’s golden rain comes out, while on the other end, hunger comes out.

Q.5 How is shoeing, sowing, and harvesting is done in model form?
Answer In the model form, ploughing is done by tractors. The sowing machine is used for sowing while the harvesting is done by the combine.
Q.6 How much work can a person do on a machine?
Answer machines have made the job easier for the farmer. That is why one machine can work about a hundred people with the help of machines.

Question 7 And what is the average yield from a normal farm? What is the yield per hectare in the model farm?
Answer: The average yield from a normal farm is 13 to 20 quintals. Where the average yield per hectare on a model farm is 60 to 70 quintals.
Q.8 Why is there a difference in the production of the two of you?
Answer: There is a difference in production between the two due to the machines used in the model form. The use of modern machinery and chemical fertilizers in the model farm has made the work possible for the farmers. Also, the constant supply of pesticide/pesticide sprays and water has helped increase work productivity.

Q.9 What do they do to killgerms and insects?
Answer: They spray pesticides and insecticides to control germs and insects. The process involves washing tree trunks with lime water and removing weeds and weeds.
Q.10 What do they grow in model form?
Answer: They grow wheat, corn, cotton, sugarcane, and grants. Also, they grow vegetables and have a large orchard, where they grow mangoes and oranges.
Question 11: Why were the boys surprised at the vegetable farm?
Answer: On the vegetable farm, the boys saw the vegetable crop growing on the vegetable farm. They do this using chemical fertilizers. With the help of the water supply and modern machine.


·         Planning – I plan to take a computer class this summer.
·         Model – The engineer presented a new model of car at the seminar.
·         Ir. Irrigation – Farmers have dug canals to irrigate their land.
·         Lots – I’ve got a lot of money to spend on you.
·         Effective – Pollution is a very harmful disease for this world.

Complete the following sentences

·         The headmaster allowed him one day off.
·         Mr. Aaron greeted them at the gate and showed them around.
·         With a broom, it looked like it was eating a large area.
·         The. The students watched the machine work with great interest.
·         5. No, definitely not.
·         6. Sowing machine sows, seeds well.
·         7. No seeds are lost.
·         8. We use chemical fertilizers to make the soil prosperous.
·         9. The visitors were amazed to see such vegetables growing there as if the season was not over.
·         10. He offered the boys fresh tomatoes and cucumbers.


1. Explain in your own words how they get so much output on each reactor in the model form.
Due to modern techniques, farmers can get abundant yields in model farms. They use modern machines, which can do the work of a hundred men. At the same time, fertilizers are being used extensively on the farm, so that better and better crops can be grown. Also, labor productivity has increased due to the non-supply of pesticide/pesticide sprays and water.

2. Write sentences to show that modern farming methods are better than old ones.
Machines and techniques have made professional farming easier for farmers. Modern methods are better than old methods because the old methods are easier to work with.
They have increased the feasibility of work due to mechanical means. That way, one machine can handle a hundred men. The old methods worked very slowly and took a long time for the farmer. But today, time is also saved and good crops can be grown. Today, along with pesticides, chemical fertilizers are also being used in crops. These salts provide extra enrichment to crops and protect them from diseases. That way, better crops can be grown.


·         Instructor: “Hello! I am from the agriculture department. I am here to guide you.
·         Farmer: “How can I increase production?”
·         Instructor: “You can do this by using chemical fertilizers in your crops.”
·         Farmer: “But how can these synthetic compounds increase growth?”

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