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A heart wrenching prayer

A heart-wrenching prayer

I have been at home since March 5 due to a lockdown caused by the coronavirus and I was very upset to hear about the deaths in the news and wondering when this problem will end. The following prayer of an elder was heard on a mobile phone and my heart was greatly comforted

“O Lord, we are Your humble, poor servants. Forgive us of our sins. Forgive us of our sins. Cover our faults. Lord, remove our physical and spiritual ailments. May Allah ease our difficulties. Protect us from adversity – Lord of the worlds – Forgive us our sins – Forgive us our sins – O Most Gracious Lord! – O Allah, save us from the troubles of the present situation – 

O Allah, the entire Muslim Ummah is troubled at this time – O Allah, all the people are troubled in their homes – 

O my Lord, have mercy on us – O Allah, Believe me, O Allah, You are greater than our estimation and thought. O Allah, save us from Your wrath. O Allah, grant us a matter of mercy. 

O Allah, we are guilty of confession. Forgive us our sins – O Allah, our example is like that of a child who gets his clothes dirty with impurity, so whoever goes to him, every servant blows his nose and says, “It smells, go away.” Get out of here. Seeing the hateful eyes from all sides, he finally runs to his mother and says, “Mommy, everyone hates me. Don’t hate me. You cleanse me, cleanse me.” She forgives the child as ignorant, does not get angry, bathes him, cleans him, puts on perfume, and puts on nice clothes – now everyone hugs the child, O Allah, we are not handling these matters. 

O Allah, take care of them. O Allah, it is our own fault that this is happening, but forgive us. O Allah, look with mercy on the charity of your beloved. O Allah, do not look at our sins, but your own. Beloved Pak Muhammad RasoolullahTake a look at the holy shrine of Anwar – look at the supplications made at night about his ummah and be kind to us – O Allah save us from the evil of coronavirus Amen

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