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A brave woman in the men’s forest

A brave woman in the men’s forest

She was the daughter of a fearless father. It was in his blood to stand up to those in power. He was a symbol of courage in this society of helpless and oppressed people. She was a woman, but in this jungle of men she had more courage and courage than men. 

The oppressed knew that if anyone did not listen to them, they would listen. Will stand with them It will hit every wall along the way but will not give up its support. Wherever he set foot, he left imprints. From the Asma Jilani case to the protests for the right of Naqib and other Pashtuns killed in Rao Anwar’s fake police encounter, there has been a long journey of resistance and protest in which Asma Jahangir appeared at the forefront.

 His war was for the promotion of Quaid’s thinking in Quaid’s Pakistan. His war was against dictatorship and dictatorial values. Asma Jahangir was the first citizen to protest whenever the constitution, law, and basic human rights were violated in her homeland. Raised knowledge. In the dark days of Zia, when the great politicians were seeking their survival in compromises and repenting from their political and intellectual system in order to improve their lives and the future of their families, Asma Jahangir did not Compromise on thought and not on its expression. 

Whether it is General Yahya or General Zia and Musharraf, we see Asma Jahangir protesting against every dictator. His greatest asset was his boldness of expression, and this was the thing that struck those who disagreed with him the most. But the majority of those who disagreed with it were people who had either government weapons or religious seals in their hands; so those who disagreed made good use of both weapons. A vicious campaign was launched against Asma Jahangir and her associates in an organized and unorganized manner across the country. 

But despite all this, this woman’s determination did not diminish, but she did He continued to speak with full force. Without any fear. He did not even make any concessions in pointing out the shortcomings found in his own department. Such true and upright characters are non-existent in our society. Otherwise, truth and honesty are limited to name only.

The man is a symbol of power and the beloved homeland is a masculine society, so here this power is doubled and quadrupled. In this masculine society, it is not uncommon for a woman to stand up for the truth for more than four decades. And then that truth should not be limited to oneself but should be the sorrow of the whole society. Woe to the society which is not aware of the society itself. Anyone can stand up for themselves. Becoming the voice of others is not for everyone. It is very difficult to raise awareness of the rights of the oppressed and the weak against the powerful, but Asma Jahangir did it. Those who brandish at the death of Asma Jahangir and Mian Mohammad Bakhsh sadyany have been saying for a long time are right:

The majority of those who are expressing happiness are people who do not tire of expressing extraordinary devotion to religion and the state. Or to put it another way, they consider themselves the most patriotic and pious. But looking at their tweets and Facebook status, it is clear that they did not learn ethics from religion, nor from the state system from which they considered it their right to insult others in the so-called expression of devotion. I wonder what kind of religion or denomination it teaches to celebrate someone’s death. 

Or what is the constitution and law whose makers have allowed the celebration of dance on death? Surely this will happen somewhere, then we have seen this whole scene and if it is not so, then the people who are doing this must have received wrong teachings, and the ability and knowledge of those who deliver them are being questioned. A tweet from a well-known defense analyst Has also come to the fore. Although he has already been controversial in many places and his position has become doubtful due to his own beliefs and the lack of a clear and unequivocal position on his response to the accusations of the caliphate of Yusuf Kadhab. 

Due to his books (which are also supported by military officials) and lectures, he has a circle of followers who have a very strong network on the modern media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The negative campaign started by him has set fire to social media. Some of her followers are expressing happiness while others are cursing her. 

A large circle of conservatives is also joining their voices. It feels like today is Conservative Eid. But even in this is the victory of Asma Jahangir. The enemies of human rights and democracy are not aware of the victory they have won even after death. The historian will write that when she returned from this place, the state of mind of those who hid the ugliness of their minds sometimes in the guise of religion and sometimes in the so-called relationship with the country was opened. Future generations will mourn this indifference.

From here, things get trickier, and this is where the true face of our society comes to the fore. I personally know a lot of people abroad who are cursing day and night on social media against the human rights and democracy activists in Pakistan but they themselves are living abroad illegally and are not content with that. 

On the contrary, in order to get asylum, they give information to the immigration contrary to their beliefs and write in the petition that they are in danger of death in Pakistan. They also include people who lead imams in mosques abroad. Well, what can be said about the common people that they are big here Jaghadri has performed these feats. All this is an expression of the same hypocrisy that is deeply rooted in our society.

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