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Test 1.1 IQ test 1 The white dot moves two places anti-clockwise at each stage and the black dot moves one place clockwise at each stage. After how many stages will they be together in the same corner?

A series of tasks designed to measure intelligence testing, summarizing, learning, and ability to deal with novel situations.

The most commonly used intelligence tests include the Stanford Bennett Intelligence Scale and the Wexler scales. The Stanford Bennett is an American adaptation of the original French Bennett-Simon Intelligence Test. It was first introduced in 1916 by Stanford University psychologist Lewis Terman. The individually administered test 19 which was revised in 1937, 1960, 1973, 1986, and 2003 evaluates individuals two years of age and older and is designed primarily for use with children. Has been It consists of age-related problems, the solution of which includes math, memory and word skills.

The experiment was performed in terms of intelligence quotient or IQ, a concept first proposed by German psychologist William Stern and adopted by Lewis Terman at the Stanford Bennett Scale. IQ was started as a ratio of a person’s mental age to their historical (physical) age, which exceeded 100. Thus, if the mental age of a 10-year-old child is 12 years (ie, the level at which the test is performed) is 12 years on average), then this child is assigned an IQ of (12-10) X 100, or 120. went.

The score of 100, for which mental age is equal to chronic age, was average. Scores above 100 were above average, scores below 100 were below average. However, the concept of mental age has become infamous, and now some exams include counting mental ages. Yet in many tests a common sense emerges.

This statistic is now based on the percentage of data that is expected to have a specific IQ. Intelligence test scores occur almost after the “normal” distribution, most people score near the middle of the distribution curves, and the scores fall sharply at frequencies far from the centre of the curve. For example, on the IQ scale, 2 out of 3 scores fall between 85 and 115 and 19 out of 20 scores fall between 70 and 130. A score of about 130, 130 or higher is considered a gift, while a score below 70 is considered mental retardation or intellectual disability.

500 Plus Intelligence test pdf Download

500 Plus intelligence test PDF Format Downalod

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